Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Baaackkk!

How come I can't come back from vacation and share something interesting like some people can? My friend Rayka sent me a postcard from Berlin, a lucky coin from Ireland and a very cute little purse from another exciting place she visited. I only left my mother's house long enough to take her to order another hearing aid. She already has an assortment, so I'm wondering why this one will do the trick, but we'll see. I've already been to the local Walmart and Big Lots, and the scenery hasn't changed much since I left. I suppose I could have mailed some of you a postcard, but that would have meant I'd have to exert myself. *smile*

Show Low Arizona doesn't have much to offer in the way of excitement...I know, I lived there for almost a year. The most stimulating thing I did during that time was join the local Senior Patrol. I was the youngest member and only one of two females. I found it pretty boring to sit in a parked police car with some old geezer and scare passing motorists into slowing down. We couldn't even issue citations for parking in a handicapped slot...we could only WARN them. Wooo! Scare me. After working in a jail for a year, it was a little too low-keyed for me.

I was decked out in a uniform, complete with badge, and a hat if I wanted to wear one, but discovered the officers were more a carrier or delivery service than anything else. That dawned on me when we had to drive the Dog Catcher's vehicle to the repair shop. Considering that it's all volunteer, I didn't last very long. My middle name is 'danger'...okay so it's really Susan, but that job was almost as boring as that. I resigned when one of the old men wrote on my website that he 'liked' how I said his name. Geez, how many ways can you say "John?" Trust me, he wasn't my type.

Back to our visit...My husband's mother drove up from Bullhead City and stayed for a few days so we didn't have to divide our time with driving. We all sat on the front porch and chatted... days and days of chatting. I think by the third day we were all starting to get sick of one another. You know what they say..."after three days, house guests are like dead fish...they both begin to stink and you want to throw them out." I wish I could tell you that I saw exotic places and did exciting things, but unless you consider that a plastic lawn chair and a few pine trees fits the bill, then I'd be lying.

This is the guest house where we stayed. It was quite comfy and we were well-fed. It wasn't a five-star hotel, but the purpose of the trip was to spend time with people we love, and we did. Actually, it's quite cozy inside...nice bed, little kitchen, bathroom, TV. What more could you want?

It's always nice to leave, and even nicer to come home. Spencer was happy to see us and I missed him like crazy. Although I poke fun at the lack of excitement on our trip, I enjoyed the time I was there with my mom and my sister, Gwenn. We laughed a lot and that's always a good thing. But, I'm back where I'm in my computer chair in front of this blasted screen.

I know you enjoyed my guest bloggers. Thanks to Ciara and Anna K for filling in for me. I owe you both. After I weed through all my emails and pay my bills, maybe I can think of something creative to blog about. In the mean time, I have money I have to dole out and dusting to do. Back soon.


Estella said...

Sounds like you had a good time with your family!

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm always so happy to find your comments. You're like a ray of sunshine in my life. Thanks for following my blog.


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