Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh My Gosh...I have to get busy

Someone important is coming to visit on Wednesday and I have to get this place tidied up. Cheryl St. John, the author of such Harlequin greats as "The Preacher's Daughter, The Lawman's Bride and the Montana Mavericks (series)" is coming to visit lil' ol' me.

I bet you had no idea I knew Cheryl. Well, surprise, surprise. She was with a group of friends at the Romantic Times convention in St. Louis, and I horned in...uh introduced myself. Meeting her made the experience a memorable one, and we've stayed somewhat in touch since then. She's such a fun person with a wonderful sense of humor, and I'm hoping I can inflict myself on her again sometime.

I invited her to blog here, and she graciously accepted. I hope you'll come on Wednesday, September 3rd and make her feel welcome.

Don't mind me...I'm just gonna buzz around and knock down some of these dust bunnies and cob webs. *smile*


Kim Smith said...

This is very cool Ginger. Can we all pound her with questions?? hehehe...

Ginger Simpson said...

I hope you do. If anyone has answers, it would be Cheryl

I'm excited.


Estella said...

Way cool!

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