Monday, September 8, 2008


Good Morning:

Today is the start of the Blog Train Excursion, a scavenger hunt that will lead you to the sixteen exciting web or blog sites where you will search for a hidden word. You MUST collect each word in order to assemble them into the right quotation which is the answer to the contest and entitles you to be eligible to win SIXTEEN (count 'em) sixteen wonderful books. All entrants sending following the instructions and submitted the correct quote will be entered into the drawing. There may be only one, and it could be you! I'll also be drawing a runner-up name for a copy of Embezzled Love.

So...copy of this message as your 'itinerary' and get started:

1. After you've read the instructions here, your first link is Rhobins Rambles where you'll find the first word. I repeat...they are NOT in order, so you'll have to collect them all and figure out the quotation, complete with the name of the famous person who spoke it. Instructions for what to do with your answer are on the last link of the Blog Train.

I can give you an idea of how the links will work:

Me to Rhobin
Rhobin to Brenda Weaver
Brenda to Rhonda Lee
Rhonda to Tabitha Shay
Tabitha to Rayka Mennen
Rayka to Anna K. Lanier
Anna K to Kat Duarte
Kat to Kim Richards
Kim R to Maryann Miller
Maryann to Skhye Moncrief
Skhye to Clare London
Clare to Elaine Cantrell
Elaine to Kim McDougall
Kim Mc to Jannine Corti Petska
Jannine to Phyllis Campbell
Phyllis to Ciara
Ciara links you to where to submit your answer

Go, play, read...have fun! I'd love to know your thoughts about the Blog Train Excursion. I have several authors ready to sign up for another one. It's a lot of work for me and a time and prize investment for the authors. Do you think it's worth it? I appreciate the input.


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Mia Declan said...

I loved your blog idea, Ginger. I visited some authors I alrready kenew and some new ones. I'll pop up from time to time to find out what's new.

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