Monday, September 22, 2008


I have such a dilemma. There is so much to worry about and I'm not sure which topic is more important. I think I should be terribly concerned that my car's fuel gauge is in the 'red' zone, hovering right above empty, and there is not ONE station in town that has any GAS. I took Spencer to school this morning, now I'm wondering if I have enough left in the tank to pick him up.

Of course, on the radio along the way, the announcer seemed much more distressed over something else...something he made sound earth-shattering. I felt guilty for fretting over small things like no fuel, and immediately turned my attention to the scary fact that someone hacked into Sarah Palin's personal email account!!!

I'm not sure how that affects me, but the FBI is involved so it must be of great urgency. I'm sure the government wouldn't waste more money when we've just incurred another eighty-five million dollar debt. I've heard of lots of hacking instances but this is the first time it seems to have garnered such world-wide interest. Quite frankly...unless she has the combination to world peace, the one diet that really works or Colonel Sander's secret recipe to Kentucky Fried Chicken, I could give a flying flip! If by chance she's using Yahoo for government business, then I don't think she should be too surprised that security is a little lax.

Where the hell is the gasoline!!!!


Tabitha Shay said...

Wow Miz Ging,
I figured it was the utmost importance to find out who hacked into Palin's email because I figured there was top secret info in there about how she put a stop to the bridge to no where...or her top secret recipe for making fudge you think she cooks??? Yes, I'd be much more concerned over my empty tank, too,and the fact that gas prices take a giant leap up and the consumer starts paying a higher price for the fuel in storage tanks at the gas stations long before we get in a crisis...I don't blame you for being upset.
However, I simply don't understand why you'd be upset over our govt. bailing out one more bankrupt bank, it's not like the taxpayers are going to fill the coffers back up or anything like know very well Uncle Sam has an endless supply of money he can just keep giving away...personally, I'm so poor, if Wall Street crashes, I'll never know the difference...Tabs

Terra57 said...

OMG Ginger, you are way to funny. I hear yah though and agree. And, I also would like to know more about the gas. I think it rates right up there with food and housing. As far as I'm concerned, when the government starts showing us some respect and stop lying ninety nine percent of the time I might give a hoot. Other than that, being poor sucks and I will start to care when pigs fly or hell freezes over.
BTW, I love reading your blog and do so every day. You are hoot girl!

LuAnn said...

Hey, Ginger, try putting an envelope of Good Seasons salad dressing mix (Italian) in the batter next time you make fried chicken. I've heard that's the secret, although I've never tried it myself. LOL!

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