Friday, October 17, 2008

Contest Results

Since Ginger hasn't kicked me off her blog yet, I'm going to sneak in one more post. (It's better to ask forgiveness than permission, right Ginger? Right??)

The winner of the caption this photo contest is:
Deidre Durance!

Her caption:
Her: Do these flowers make me look fat?
Him: Absolutely not, my love.

I will send you an email shortly with your free book attached.

You had my husband's favorite comment. Too bad I was the judge and not him! Muhahhaha

Dude. You quoted me as having Chlamydia. It was funny, but give a girl a break!

Thank you everyone for participating! If you had fun, check out my own blog for your daily dosage.


Unknown said...

Well, even if I didn't win, I suppose I forgive you. :) Thanks so much for filling in the gaps. Love ya!


Anonymous said...


I was the only man, therefore I was destined to lose!

The winner was "Do these flowers make me look fat"????

Possibly the most unoriginal post of them all!!!

AUNT Ginger, should I have won? (Remember I'm leaving for Iraq tomorrow).

*no pressure* ;)

Unknown said...

Leave me out of this. This was Laura's contest and she picked the winner of her choice. If you can't take something as simple as losing a contest without pouting, I hate to see what happens when you get bit by one of those Sand Flies in Iraq you read about last night. :)

Auntie G

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