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Hello all!
My name is Kallysten, and I've been invited by Ginger to join in the blogothon fun. I write mostly supernatural/fantasy romance published by Alinar, but I read anything as long as the relationship between the hero and heroine sets out fireworks!

I thought I'd share a bit of my latest release with you. Blurred Nights is set in a future in which beast-like demons are invading the world. The stories two vampires heroes and the human heroine fight these demons while trying to figure out where they stand in relation to each other...


“You two check inside that building. We’ll stand guard.”

Elliot nodded and stepped toward the ruins Kate had indicated first, Sky on his heels. Before they even entered the building, the fog swirling around them had made them disappear. Kate turned her back to the ruins and swept her eyes around her. She couldn’t see more than a few yards away, but that didn’t stop her from trying to see, or hear, approaching demons.

“Anything?” she asked in a whisper.

Just feet away to her right, Blake took in a deep breath.

“Citrus shampoo,” he said after a moment. “Lavender soap. Minty toothpaste.”

The words made no sense. Kate turned to him, frowning in confusion. His impish smile clued her in as to what he was talking about—her. Her frown turned into a glare.

“Blake! Can you be serious for a minute?”

“I can. Just not when you stand upwind from me. You’re too distracting.” He took a few steps forward and breathed in deeply through his nose again. “Nothing recent. The freshest trail is at least a day old.”

Still miffed, Kate didn’t reply. Her back very straight, she kept watch as attentively as though he had announced that an entire army of demons was advancing on them. She felt suddenly very self-conscious, and couldn’t help bringing a strand of hair to her nose. She couldn’t smell a thing. She hurriedly let go of her hair when Blake turned halfway toward her, but his fleeting smile made it clear he had noticed. She looked back toward the building. She could hear Elliot’s voice, though not enough to understand his words. He seemed to be coming back out.

“I’ll check the building across the street. Be right back.”

Her heart jumped in her chest at Blake’s words. She whirled back toward him, but he was already disappearing inside the ruins on the other side of the street—again. Couldn’t he understand the simple idea of not going anywhere alone?

“Stand guard,” she said quickly to Elliot as he and Sky emerged from the building. “We’re checking across the street.” She hurried after Blake, her hand clenching over the hilt of her sword. This time, she was going to kick his ass.

She had to stop just at the entrance of the building. Outside, the gray fog echoed the light of the almost full moon, bathing everything into a penetrating light. With the roof of this house for the most part intact, her eyes struggled to adapt to the sudden darkness. She stepped inside cautiously, her eyes darting around her in search of Blake.

“This way,” Blake whispered somewhere ahead and to her right.

Blood thundering into her veins, she advanced a little faster. Had he found the breach? Could it be—

The attack came from the side, swift, silent and unexpected. Just as she passed through a doorway, a hand closed over her fingers on the hilt of her sword and pulled her forward. She tried to resist, but found herself with her back to a wall, a strong body in front of her, her arm pinned to the side, the sword useless and out of her control. The first flash of fear receded when she realized who had attacked her. This time, Blake had gone too far, she thought. She started telling him as much, but before she could say more than a word, his mouth brushed against hers. She froze in shock, eyes going wide in the near darkness. Blake leaned in again, caressing her lips with his with more gentleness than she had imagined him capable of—not that she had ever imagined how he kissed. His left hand remained on her right, holding her sword away, though not as tightly. The right cupped the back of her head, his thumb caressing her cheek lightly.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the first night I saw you,” he murmured, his mouth so close to hers that she felt the words as well as heard them. “Can I?”

Kate wanted to push him away and punch him for daring take her by surprise like this. She wanted to glare at him, call him a moron, curse him, laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of what he was saying.
Yet she didn’t move, and all she managed to say was a stuttering, “Wh—what?”

“Can I kiss you?”



If you liked this and would like to read more, the first chapters are available as a sample on my website at, along with other excerpts, free stories and a bi-monthly audiobook podcast! Also, until the end of the month my entire back catalogue is 25% OFF on Alinar.

Thank you Ginger for the opportunity to blog here, and thank you to all readers!

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