Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally Removing The Old Poll

Sometime ago I polled visitors about their reading preference regarding sex scenes. After totally forgetting about it for a while, I noticed it ended and I needed to report the startling results. A whopping fourteen people responded and here is the breakdown. I had to get out my calculator:

Prefer steamy descriptions - 21% = 3
Prefer something left to the imagination - 78% = 11

Why, then I wonder, are erotica sales booming? I realize this is a minuscule sampling, but books that describe every bump, grind, moan, groan and pebbled nipple have become largely popular...according to sales statistics and the growing number of publishers beginning spicier lines.

Still, I vote with the 78%. I like to envision what's taking place over having someone else place the imagery in my head. I know being a good author includes making the reader smell the smells, hear the sounds, and feel the emotions, but c'mon...stay out of my bedroom. That's where I prefer to take charge...well so to speak. *lol* I'm older now and I can't even imagine getting my body into some of the positions I've read about. I'll stick with what I know.


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