Monday, December 22, 2008

Is It Ridiculous?

I usually try to steer clear of anything political, but this blog is called "Dishin' It Out," and I feel inclined to express my OWN opinion on the recent announcement by President Bush.

I'm not opposed to saving any failing business, but how much are the tax payers expected to bear? I imagine it's a pretty hard pill to swallow for those who have already lost their jobs in other industries. What makes UAW represented positions more important than others?

BUT... my main question is this: Why isn't the government forcing the banks we bailed out to LOAN money to the Big Three? Didn't we save AIG for this very purpose? It makes more sense that a financial institution put up the cash to "stimulate the economy."

What galls me more than anything is the audacity of the auto industries...putting out their hand, asking for help, yet having Ron Gettelfinger announce that the UAW refuses to alter any of their practices. Isn't this like putting a band-aid on a hemorrhage? If nothing changes and they continue 'business as usual, a plan that clearly isn't working, then we can fully expect that the CEOs and Mr. Butterfinger...oops, Gettelfinger, will be back with their hand out again before very long. Shouldn't we be dealing with the CFOs and CEOs of the company instead of the union? Am I the only one who sees this? Where are the financial wizards employed by the government? I can barely balance my own checkbook, but this seems readily apparent to me.

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