Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome Baby Gracelyn

Congratulations to my good friend and fellow author, Phyllis Cambell, on becoming a grandmother again.

Phyllis had this to say:

Baby Gracelyn was born at 7:10pm Wednesday Dec. 10, weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces, and 19 1/2 inches long. She a cutie! Blonde hair. Ahhhh.... Mother and baby are now home (my home of course) and they're doing great.

Ah...if they could only stay small just a little longer, but they grow up so darn fast. I can't believe Spencer is already six. Time flies..that must be why I can't remember most of it.

Congratulations, Phyllis and family. What a nice Christmas gift.


Phyllis Campbell said...

Oh, Ginger!!! (blowing kisses) Thanks! Yes, this was definitely a great Christmas present for my daughter...and for us. She is my first granddaughter, and I know she's going to be spoiled. heehee

And to think...I'm only 42!!!


Molly Daniels said...

Congratulations Phyllis:) And welcome Gracelyn! She IS a cutie! To see her future hubby, (hahaha...) check my blog for details:)

Anita Davison said...

Congratulations Phyllis to the proud Grannie - what a little cutie. I hope you get enough sleep over Christmas though!!!

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