Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ava James: Character Introduction

Hi everyone, Ava James here. I have brought some heroes over to help introduce me. It helps to have a god, a werewolf, and a warrior or two in you corner.

First let me introduce the men in my life. This is Llaw, think David Beckham and you can almost see him, he is a Celtic god who just happens to finally find the love of his life in my story The Eagle At Midnight. Over there, leaning in the corner, is Hector. Hector is tall, dark, and stubbly. Did I mention he’s a werewolf? You can read all about him and his accidental passenger in Royal Cargo. As for the blonde to your left, that’s Tristan. Tristan is a ninth century Saxon warrior who was saved from certain death by his amorous partner in A Crone’s Query. Last but not least, is Sgt. Demetri Tiberius. The Ukrainian Sgt. is a bit quiet, but his English has really improved with the help of his nurse, who you can learn about in Waking Up, from One Touch, One Glance: A Sweet Romance Anthology.

Okay now that you know everyone, I’ll let them do that talking.

Llaw: Thank you Ava.

(Hector and Tristan are inclining their heads—not much for words those two)

Sgt.: Thanks.

Hector: Now, what are we supposed to say? Priya is going to put my balls in a vice if I’m not back soon.

Tristan: Oh, the lap dog needs to run home to his mistress.

Hector: Listen, you ancient…

Llaw: Watch the insults; if he’s ancient I'm prehistoric.

Tristan: Yeah, yeah. Not all of us can be gods.

Sgt.: I think we were supposed to be talking about Ms. James, right? So could you kick the arguing and start that.

Llaw: I think you mean drop the arguing. And I agree, let’s see... what can we say about her?

Hector: She's a great woman and I enjoy watching her leave.

Laughter ripples through the group, but Llaw frowns.

Llaw: You know she deserves our respect. She’s helped us find the love we never thought possible, and all you can think to say is that her rear is a fetching sight.

Tristan: It is indeed, but she has a way with words too. Who knew she was fluent in Gaelic? And the way she had Carys come to my rescue, that was a rescue to die for. One that I almost did die for

Sgt.: Ava could have had some sympathy on me. When she let Jaysen start in with the sponge bath while I was awake, I thought I was going to expire.

Hector: Don’t you mean expel?

The men laugh while Demetri looks confused, light of understanding came into his eyes and he joined the hilarity.

Llaw: Well, I think it is safe to say that her writings are faithful, if not humorous, portrayals of our amorous endeavors.

Tristan: Don’t forget the action. Hector and I have more than our fair share of action, fleeing enemies and fighting at every turn. A story is not good without the adventure of peril, swords drawn, cannons at the ready. Right, wolf?

Hector: Right.

Sgt.: I'm done with fighting.

Hector: You mean you’re neutered.

Sgt.: Neutured? What is that?

Llaw: He is saying that you are emasculated, Demetri. I think it’s time for us to go anyway. I know Deryn is waiting for me, and I am sure the rest of you need to get going. Thanks to Ms. Ginger Simpson for letting us talk about Ava James and her wonderful writing. You can find Ava and all of our stories at and


Unknown said...

Love it, love it, love it. What a wonderful job you did giving us a glimpse of your handsome heroes and then letting us watch them interact. Bravo!


Ava James ~Romance Writer said...

Thanks for the opportunity to let the male voices in my head out!


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