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Come meet Cassidy - Kisses Of Fire

Cassidy is the heroine of my newest release, Kisses Of Fire. I've already been told by one reviewer that this story is HOT! Unfortunately, the review isn't ready to promote yet. Darn!

She needs money for her bar, he seeks incriminating evidence to close her. Will the auction be the key, or will her kisses turn his loins to fire?

Cassidy Hilarion needs money to save her bar…hoping auctioning off her waitresses and herself for a night of pleasure might do the trick. How can she protect her heart when a gorgeous hottie bids on her and all she wants to do is kiss him…endlessly.

Mark Carrington is on a mission—to find some incriminating evidence to help his father close down the bar. For years, the Carrington’s have tried to get this land from the Hilarion’s, and Mark is determined to win. But when he gets to know the sexy co-owner he wants more than the bar. He wants her body and soul.

“Do I hear six hundred and fifty?” Joan called out. No more bids were voiced, just the cat-calls and whistles from the horde of anxious men.

“Okay, six hundred going once. Going twice...”

“One thousand dollars.”

The voices in the room silenced. Gasps and clinking glasses were the only sounds. Cassidy pressed her hand to her chest. All heads turned to the voice on the other side of the room.

Joan waved her hand. “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t see you. Would you mind standing and repeating that bid?”

The man rose and the scraping of the chair’s wooden legs echoed through the suddenly silent bar. Cassidy recognized the wannabe cowboy who’d ogled her so openly when she’d first entered. Why would a man so gorgeous want to bid that high on her?

Even from across the room, she could spot a drunk, and this particular hunk was not one of them. So why did he bid that amount? His blank expression didn’t tell her anything about what he expected. Yet, by the heated gleam in his earlier gaze, she figured she already knew.

“I said, I bid one thousand dollars.”

Joan laughed. “Sold, to the gentlemen in the corner.”

She motioned her hand. “You can come and collect your prize.”

Cass swallowed a lump of fear, yet anticipation rose in her chest. Suddenly, an image popped into her mind of her and this man in a lover’s embrace while his mouth moved passionately over hers flashed through her head.

Impossible! She would definitely not let that one happen.

The man swaggered toward her. Damn, even his walk was sexy. All he needed was cowboy boots and a hat. He still looked too business-style for that.

Keeping his focus on her, he stopped at the bar and handed a wad of bills to Joan. Her cousin didn’t hesitate to take the money, even giggled once the bills were in her grasp. That was when Mr. Cowboy Wannabe smiled, and it was all for Cassidy. Her knees melted. She scolded her body. He could try and charm her all he wanted, but now she knew his plans and she was not going to let him win!

He reached out to her. She really didn’t want to go with a man who thought she was a hooker, but her body didn’t listen to her panicked mind, and she slipped her hand into his. Warmth from his body speared through her, creating havoc like she’d never known. Her throat turned dry, but her blood pumped faster and hotter through her veins, yet she followed him as he guided her down the stairs and to his table.

Too many people in the bar doused any idea of their first meeting to be private, and Cassidy was now pleased with the auction’s great attendance.

He pulled out her chair. Her jaw dropped as she sat. Where was he from? Nobody did that any longer.

The grin stayed on his face as he sat across from her. “Would you like a drink?”

She shook her head, planning to deny, but found herself answering, “Yes.” Damn her lonely hide.

He chuckled and signaled to one of the bartender. She didn’t take her attention off the stranger to see which one of her cousins served them.

“What would you like?” the strange man asked.

For you to go away. “White wine.” Now where in the hell did that answer come from? She didn’t want to drink with him, and she definitely didn’t want to drink something with alcohol. But his sensuality disturbed her. She didn’t know how to handle her dizzy feelings.

He turned to the server and nodded. “You heard the lady.” Linking his fingers, he leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table. “Well, Cassidy Hilarion, what have you planned for our date tonight?”

To escort you home and make you take a cold shower. She knew what he wanted.

She swallowed hard. “Are you going to introduce yourself?”

“I’m Mark Carey.”

“Well, Mark Carey, I thought we’d start out with dinner tonight.” The audible squeak in her voice horrified her and she cleared her throat.

He grinned. “And how do you plan to end the date?”

Dumping ice down your pants.

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