Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Kat Logic Ruby Heart Award

Katrina Wampler is an endless source of inspiration, and her recent idea of soliciting nominations for her personal "Kat Logic Ruby Heart Award," seems like such a worthy idea that I've asked her permission to share her post about the honor here. Her 'logo' is reserved only for the award recipient, so I haven't posted it here, instead found a ruby of my own. :)

If you know of someone who deserves recognition, please visit Kat Logic Talk and click on the link to email her. Here's Kat's post:

The Kat Logic Ruby Heart Award
"It is said that the power of Ruby is in its encouragement to follow your dreams and your bliss, helping you to change your world."

At Kat Logic Talk, we believe in following your dreams and changing the world.

If you've been around cyber space at all, you've seen numerous awards traveling in and out of blogs and through sites. Most are given with the 'rule' to pass it along.
They are given in great numbers and posted with pride. The Kat Logic Ruby Heart Award
is nothing of the sort.

The Kat Logic Ruby Heart Award is one given with much forethought and consideration. It's given to only one person at a time and can be given only by Kat Logic. It can not be forwarded to anyone else without the written consent of Kat Logic.

The Kat Logic Ruby Heart Award will be awarded to a person that shows great integrity and character. They will have shown the honor of a Ruby with their passion for giving of themselves selflessly to change the world.

The recipient of the Kat Logic Ruby Heart Award will be featured here for one month and given the challenge to pay it forward in their own way as many times as they can during that month. They will be asked to share their experience here on Kat Logic Talk at the end of the month.

For those of you that may not know, to 'Pay It Forward' means to help someone else in a way that they can not help themselves as a means of repaying a debt of gratitude.

I look forward to meeting the recipients of The Ruby Heart Award and seeing how they are changing the world. Do you know someone that deserves the Ruby Heart Award? Email us with their story.

Click on the link above and send your story. Make someone's day by letting them know you admire their accomplishments, kindnesses, sacrifices, or whatever it is that stirs you.

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