Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet Shannon Wallace, of Avenging Angel

Hi. *Waving*

Kim Smith, my writer bud, asked me to hop over here to Miz Ging’s place and write a little something about myself.


She knows better than to do that. I am so bad at talking about what I look like, what I think like, and all that jazz, but whatever. Here goes nothing.

My name is Shannon Wallace. I live in South Lake Mississippi, where I have lived since I was ten years old and a tornado scooped down and whisked my mama and daddy to be with Jesus. I have two aunties, Tillie and Nancy, and they own and operate a small restaurant over near the old highway called TILLIE”S HOME COOKIN” It’s GOOOOOD!! Even though I am now edging near thirty, they still treat me as if I still live at home and need coddling. Lord love ‘em.

My best friend lately is Dwayne Brown. He and I went to college together and only recently did I have occasion to run into him again. Good thing too, because he has saved my butt. Several times. I mean, literally. *Sigh* Ask Kim Smith, the author of this whole tamale. She can explain what I mean about Dwayne putting himself in front of an oncoming train for me. Or you can read the book. It’s available over at Red Rose Publishing. Just look under Kim Smith (the big mouth).

I will be posting here at this blog for a few days to come. I hope you will check back and see what things I will do. *Maniacal laughter*

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