Saturday, January 3, 2009

Someone Save Me

I think I was a lot happier before I became more 'enlightened' about world affairs. True, writing, promoting, and interacting on the multitude of loops to which I belong has kept me away from watching the in depth news of the faltering economy, but then my sister came along. She's a firm believer we should all take an active interest in politics, and stand up and be heard.

But, I can't take all the finger pointing! The conservatives blame the liberals, the right, the left, the rich, the poor. I can't take it anymore. Someone save me from this insanity. News forecasters report that President-Elect Obama plans to raise the taxes on gasoline. Great, we just got fuel prices down to where they aren't a burden on us, and now we're going to be taxed on the relief. If we've enjoyed a little savings at the supermarket, you can be sure the prices will rise again when the cost of diesel climbs. The good news, and even more ridiculous solution...we're going to get another stimulus check. Huh??? I suppose it's to cover the gas tax. No wonder we're sinking faster than the Titanic. Where are the financial wizards to fix this mess?

I'd like to stand up and be heard, but you can't argue with people. I found that out while responding to letters to the editor under a fictitious name. Everyone has their own VERY strong opinion...and some of them, I might say, are a tad ridiculous. When my blood pressure soared, I had to stop being a concerned citizen and trying to point out what I considered the obvious. Evidently it was only obvious to me. :)

While under duress to watch the news this morning, I heard one member of an opinion panel on Fox actually make a statement that the UAW losing millions on the purchase of a golf course had nothing to do with the bailout of the auto industry. According to her, we bailed out the auto industry because they weren't manufacturing cars the American public wanted to buy and the UAW had nothing to do with the decline. WHAT!!! First off, who can afford to buy a car? And Ron Gettelfinger has continually said the union will make no concessions about wages and benefits, even though the budget can't support them. If he and his cronies are making enough money off the industry to buy a golf course, we might want to look into that. I'm still scratching my head over why we would hand the auto makers billions with no oversight or plan for restructuring. Oh, that's right. WE CAN'T expect that to happen. The union is locked firmly in place.

I guess I must be an idiot. I just don't get some of these crazy solutions being proposed, and quite frankly...I think Mr. Obama might have bitten off more than he can chew. One can only hope not. The reality is I'm not in a position to discuss things I truly don't GET! Happy New Year...I hope!

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Tabitha Shay said...

Wow, I couldn't have said it better...I've always wondered why our tax dollars were used for golf courses for the playboy senators and congressmen anyway or why millions are wasted on the research of how mosquitoes mate and why they do it???...I'm also wondering where the hell all those billions of dollars came from our Fed. govt. handed out so freely....If they have that kind of reserves, then why is SS on the brink of bankruptcy? Why wasn't the money handed back to the American people where it came from to begin with, instead of doled out in tiny rebates? I say let the car dealers take care of themselves, they got their self into the mess they are in without any help from the Govt. Let them lower the price of new cars so Americans can afford them, in the long run, they'd sell more and still make money...just my two cents worth....Tabs

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