Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday's Truth

I believe this is how most Americans feel right now. Blindfolded and in the dark. Nancy Pelosi must go. For God's sake, and our's, the woman thought the stimulus package needed funds allocated to construct a frisbee park. What is wrong with her? People are out of work, losing their homes, can't feed their kids, and she wants to build a friggin frisbee park. Why not just use the vacant parking lot on any one of the hundreds of mini-malls that have gone under...or the fenced yards left deserted by the businesses that have gone abroad. Nancy, you suck!

I don't always agree with Bill O'Reilly, but he said it best tonight. The stimulus plan needs to address only putting American's back to work, saving our homes and businesses. The rest can come later. Birth control, fuel-saving cars, all the other BS that's been pumped into this money laden bill that has no direction or purpose. Is there no one in Washington who gets the big picture. Now, the democrats are off to a retreat, which the tax payers will help fund, and I ask...WHY. Can't they continue to meet in Washington? Do they need mud baths and facials in order to be effective? Is their no end to the insanity? How many times can we be slapped in the face?

Obama is speaking in the background on TV, addressing the democrats and kissing up to Nancy Pelosi...the rock as he calls her, and trying to sell a bill of goods that's rotten to the core. My faith in him is quickly crumbling...from his ridiculous selections for cabinet members to his inability to see what's right in front of him.

Here's a real brother-in-law is in Show Low, Arizona/ He recently underwent two serious surgeries and cannot work. He is entitled to $100 per month in food stamps, which he gives to the people who have taken in him because he has no home. The friend with whom he lives has a young daughter and wife, and has been everywhere looking for work. There is none to be had. The food banks at the local churches are out of food, and people are panicking. That's what's real Mr. President. Present that to your fellow politicians while they enjoy their retreat. Americans in dire need have no where to retreat to.

I don't know what we as a small voice can do to right the injustices, but I wish I knew. My sister said it best...give the money back to the tax payers. Give each family, small business or individual a huge sum of money and let them save themselves and stimulate the economy. You can bet there would be an improvement over the lame ideas that are coming out of Washington. I'd love to have the cash to pay off some bills, buy a new car or make a down payment on a home. Wouldn't you?
Fat chance. We owe no lobbyists or special interest groups, so it ain't happening. :)

Okay, I had to vent or explode...that's why I love my blog.

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