Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday's Woes

This photo displays exactly how I feel when I watch the news. What is happening to this planet?

Let's recap why...

The nation is practically bankrupt yet we have a new president who is has spent billions per day since he took the oath. We're looking to China to help bail us out so we can continue to bail out people who shouldn't be bailed out. We're also borrowing AGAIN from Saudi Arabian oil magnates. Who next, Al Queda? The private sector is silently becoming government controlled. I shudder to think what might happen to our Health Care system. I don't want Mr. Obama selecting my you?

For the love of money, a fertility doctor inseminated a lunatic who already has six children under the age of 7 with 6 embryos and created eight more children for the tax payers to raise. The woman was stupid enough to say on national TV that she isn't receiving any public assistance. She's paying for her manicures and expenses with her STUDENT loans, and she receives food stamps. Duh Uh! The only people more pitiful are those giving her air time. Good going Dr. Phil! You've now sunk to one level above Jerry Springer in my opinion. I suspect we can look forward to a barrage of paternity tests next. Maybe Momma dearest will accept the one million she's been offered to do a porno film and actually be able to afford to care for her premature brood who are bound to have a myriad of health issues. I feel so sorry for those children...all of them. And someone explain to me how she's collecting disability for three children with autistic tendencies or ADHD? More and more children are being diagnosed with autism, and I doubt they are all declared disabled. Is this just an allowance in California? If so, no wonder they're bankrupt. I support helping the children, but clearly, Momma is using the money for other things. Moving on before I blow a blood vessel...

President Obama is having problems finding 'pure' people to fill his cabinet posts. We're on number three for the Commerce Secretary, but then you have the wonderful Attorney General who addresses us as a "Nation of Cowards." Wow, I feel complimented, don't you. Here's a letter that's recently been made public that expresses my opinion much better than I can:

LTC West Calls for Immediate Resignation of AG Holder The Democracy Project
In response to the infuriating remarks of Attorney General Eric Holder calling America a “nation of cowards” Lt. Col. (R) Allen B. West, issued the following statement calling for the immediate resignation of AG Holder:

The PC Club
Sun, 22 Feb 2009
LTC(R) Allen West

Greetings readers, I have held my peace long enough to allow Attorney General Eric Holder an opportunity to rectify his faux pas from last week. I am now compelled to offer my insights into Attorney General Holder’s epidemic of diarrhea of the mouth when he called our Country a “Nation of Cowards”.

Whenever I think of fools speaking unwisely I am drawn to the writings of one who is considered the wisest man the world has ever known, not you Bill Clinton. Rather, I speak of King Solomon and his words from the Book of Proverbs.

Solomon certainly has some advice which Eric Holder may wish to take to heart. I shall use The Soldiers New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, Holman Christian Standard Bible

Proverbs 15:7 “The lips of the wise broadcast knowledge, but not so the heart of fools”

Proverbs 15:14 “The discerning mind seeks knowledge, but the mouth of fools feed on foolishness”

For Eric Holder to castigate our America as a “nation of cowards”, being someone who has capitalized on every opportunity this Country could afford, is pure foolishness. It also represents a malicious narcissism and hypocrisy from someone purported to be of great education.

I am a West Man, third of four generations of military servicemen; Dad World War II combat wounded veteran, older Brother Vietnam Marine combat wounded veteran, my serving 22 years active duty in 13 different countries and three combat zones, and my young nephew, Captain Herman Bernard West, commanding an artillery unit serving his second tour in Afghanistan. We are proud American black Men who certainly are not indicative of a “nation of cowards”. Holder’s comments are offensive to the legacy my Dad established for our family.

Perhaps also Attorney General Holder forgot about the many white Americans, and Jewish persons, who marched during the civil rights movement, some cowards huh?

Attorney General Holder, do not ever refer to my Country with such manner of disrespect. I have stood with Americans in many foreign lands, seen them everyday across this Nation, and we are not cowards!

Proverbs 17:28 “Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps silent, discerning when he seals his lips”

Attorney General Holder has certainly lost respect as the enforcer of our Nation’s laws. It would have bided him best to have kept his comment to himself, even though it must be in his heart. It has to be evident to the American people that this person cannot be trusted to protect a County which he holds in such disdain.

What could have persuaded Holder to make such an insidious comment and believe he would not be challenged? And anyone defending his comment or ignoring it is complicit in this terrible offense against our great Nation.

If Holder had any honor, which I doubt, he would have apologized. Since an apology seems to not be an option, Attorney General Holder MUST resign.

If Holder does not resign then President Obama MUST dismiss Eric Holder from his Cabinet, or perhaps Obama and his cabinet hold the same contempt for America?

Proverbs 18:6 “A fools lips lead to strife, and his mouth provokes a beating”

My recommendation to Holder is to stay away from places where we cowards congregate; military bases, NASCAR races, around law enforcement officers, first responders, Southeast Conference college football and basketball games, Boy Scout meetings, biker bars, VFW and American Legion Posts, youth soccer games, anywhere true Americans exist.

Remain in those places where the bravest victims in America exist; your office, the White House, Ivy League schools, Hollywood, NAACP offices, Oprah Winfrey Show, and MSNBC. Cowardice is voting for an inexperienced usurper and charlatan just because he is black, do not be confused.

Yes, I am angry and therefore Attorney General Eric Holder you have earned a lifetime membership in The Phallus Cranium Club.

Sir, you are not there alone, Speaker Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Rod Blagojevich are members, and Congressman Clyburn of South Carolina membership is being processed as well.

Steadfast and Loyal!

LTC(R) AB West

The whole issue centers on cowardice as it pertains to race. Someone on Michelle Malkin's blog said it best...Race only needs to be discussed if you are racist. It seems to me the people who keep playing 'the race card' are people like Al Sharpton, and anyone else trying to find fault when none exists. Nothing I've seen derogatory about the new president is based on his heritage, nor should it ever be.

Continuing on... The unemployment rate continues to rise, yet an on-air ad promoting the American Workforce declares that 1.5 million from other nations have been brought here to take jobs. I recall seeing Mr. Microsoft presenting a speech on how much cheaper he can employ middle eastern techies. I might not be quite so bitter if I could understand them when I call for help. If people of such wealth don't care about our country enough to hire from within, then we are really sunk. Do you think it's attitudes like this that have driven us to this point? Why are so many of our companies operating from abroad, leaving behind people who expected retirements and pensions? Can they be lured home under anything allotted in the current stimulus bill? *see me shaking my head* I hope I'm wrong.

But despite all the dismal economic news we are evidently wealthy enough to send aid to the Palestinians. Did you know we're spending money to repair Gaza? Neither did I until my sister forced me to watch the news. And...I don't watch the local channels because it's amazing what they fail to report in the one-sided slant on media coverage. Why didn't they choose to report that a Muslim man in New York, affiliated with a local TV station, thought he had the right to behead his wife in an 'honor' killing? Why haven't they reported that these types of things continue to happen right here in our country? There's something terribly wrong, and I hate to depress everyone with such a blog, but I did the unthinkable this week...something I never expected I would do in my lifetime. I bought a gun!

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Martha Eskuchen said...

Mz Ginger - I think you and my DH and I have a lot in common!! My DH reads the news on the computer each morning and watches in the evening and does his own ranting and raving. (He has his own theory that we are heading closer and closer to endtimes!) I loved the Middle Age Woman trailer - what a hoot! Reminded me of the musical Menopause which we saw a few years ago! When some of the lyrics come to me later I'll let you know - right now I am drawing a blank. LOL. [Oh yes - Looking for a Heat Wave! A tropical heat wave. My personal summer is really a bummer!]

Wanted to know if its ok if I direct some of my book Yahoo group friends to listen to this? Let me know please? mesreads[at] gmail[dot]com.

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