Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

So, Hilary Clinton's trip to China to borrow more money didn't go well. They aren't interested in any more of our treasury bills so instead, she offered up a chunk of America as collateral. I wonder which part? Is this really April 1st and this a horrible April Fool's joke? Don't we as American's have the right to know these things before they happen? Politicians are elected to represent and work for the people, and folks, I really think they've forgotten the concept. They've deemed to pass a stimulus package without any consultation with the people, they've now mortgaged our children's future, and are now bartering land that may well belong to you. Am I the only one outraged about this?

Rush Limbaugh, in his address to the Conservative Party, cited that President Obama has spent more money in the first six weeks of his presidency than has been spent by all presidents combined. This means since 1776 and including all the wars. How scary is that? He is spending money that hasn't even been MADE yet. Now our downward trend is causing other countries to encounter their own financial decline. We are in a downward spiral that just keeps spinning faster and digging deeper. If you are truly interested in the news, you need to turn your channels away from network stations that gives you 'driveby' reports and avoids the real information we all need to have. I suggest you turn into Glenn Beck on Fox News. He tells you the truth. The information we really NEED is being kept from us by major networks.

I realize I started this blog to promote my books and talk about writing and reading, but my muse has been frightened into submission by the new administration and I can't very well concentrate on romance, fantasy, and happily ever afters given the state of our country. I'd love to advocate that everyone escape the insanity with a good book, but this isn't the time to do that. It's time to talk about what's happening and get involved, and blogging is the only way I know to do that.

It's not very inspiring to wake up to news that North Korea is flexing their nuclear muscle and perhaps may aim at the western United States. I suppose I should rest easy though that Iran is no immediate threat since Annette Bening and others are visiting there. This taken from the news:

February 27, 2009, president Barack Obama launched his bid for dialogue with Iran with an Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences delegation from Hollywood. It is led by the actress Annette Bening, AMPAS president Sid Ganis and his predecessor Frank Pierson who flew in just after the Oscar award ceremony.

We're in deep doo doo!


Lillie Ammann said...


I love Glenn Beck.

And your closing comment is something my husband says several times a day. But he prefaces it with "I told you we would be!"

Kim Smith said...

Stopping in to say hi, and to tell you I love your blog!

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