Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday, "It's a Fact."

What's wrong with this picture? President Obama sent millions of dollars to the Palestinians, for damage we didn't cause, yet granted only a $25.00 increase in unemployment to those in this country struggling to survive until they can find a new job--if there is a job to be had. Oh, I know the Omnibus bill will create some jobs, but putting a World Trade Center in Montana doesn't much help the jobless here in Tennessee.

Twenty-five dollars. Consider that my sister has been receiving the maximum of $240 every two weeks. She's living here with us, managing to pay her own way, but she's single and responsible for only herself. Now imagine a family of four trying to live on that...especially if the wage earner previously held a job that paid a substantial salary.

Sadly, even the meager sum ends with no further hope of assistance. My sis has faithfully applied for hundreds of positions, availed herself to the few interviews scheduled, and still has had no luck in finding a job. In two weeks, her benefits will be exhausted, leaving her with no avenue of assistance. Since she has no children living at home, she's not eligible for welfare, but even if she was, she wouldn't be considered because she hasn't been in this state long enough. It's impossible to declare residency anyhow, unless you can provide two utility statements in your name, a TN driver's license, and a rental agreement or mortgage contract.

Assuming from publicized statistics that she is just one in millions in this predicament and, with unemployment growing day by day, there are going to be even more left helpless and hopeless. What say President Obama consider taking care of the tax-paying Americans before he sees to the needs of foreigners??? I say tax-paying because even unemployment wages are taxed. With any luck, my sis'll get to take advantage of the whopping $25.00 increase granted in February retroactively. After taxes, she might just get another $100.00. Wow!

Hey, Obama promised change...we just forgot to ask what kind. I'm thinking it's the silver kind that tinkle (nickels, quarters, dimes.) It's bad enough that he's spending money that has yet to be earned, does he have to use such poor judgement. Is it just me or does anyone else think he's become drunk with power?


Molly Daniels said...

I hadn't heard about the $100 raise being whittled to $25 until I checked my husband's unemployment deposit. He's receiving the max at $390, but with the hit last year, we're taking out the taxes, which leaves him $350. So imagine my surprise when I saw a deposit of more than I was expecting...and then be told of the 'adjustment'.

Things get real tight in the winter around here; his umemployment pays just enough for the rent, utilities, a severe food budget, and limited amounts of gas in two cars. Our tax refunds go for outstanding medical bills, extra ultilty payments so we can afford birthday gifts for two family members in March, and the Easter stuff. And we're a family of five!

Thoughts and prayers to your sister.

Unknown said...

Thoughts and prayers back to you, Molly. These are hard times, indeed. My husband is still employed but the down-sizing of all the companies for which he delivers have impacted his hours and our paycheck. If many more of them decide to go under, so will we. Luckily, I'm old enough to have a retirement check, but it comes from California and we all know how well that state is doing. Another thing to fret about. :( Hugz to you, my friend.

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