Friday, March 20, 2009

Words from a Wise Man

I am sharing a post from Alan West an African-American citizen, campaigning for a Congressional position in Florida. Lt. Col. Alan West retired
from the military in 2004, and was a civilian advisory to the Afghan Army until 2007. In his Army career, Col. West has been honored many times. Lt. Col. West received a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. He received his valor award as a Captain in Desert Shield/Storm. I admire his tenacity to stand up against what's so obviously wrong. Here are his own words:

I am truly angry about what is happening in our America, and since there are no such voices coming off Capitol Hill from Republican leadership......someone has to fight back, let it be me!

We have the Blair-Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act as well as this Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act sitting in the House of Reps. We had best wake the hell up and realize that these liberal socialists have lost their minds.

17 March 2009

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Retired)

Greetings fellow South Florida riders, South Floridians, and Americans, here we are for another monthly installment of our Wheels on the Road political assessment. It is hard to believe how fast a month flies by but it seems that we have been under the Obama administration for years; perhaps it is the everyday speeches.

I hate speeches.

I pride myself in being a person of calm demeanor, unless of course you are Attorney General Eric Holder and you call my America a “nation of cowards”. So as I begin this month’s article I find myself on the verge of total rage which is great for writing.

In these first 60 days of the Obama administration I am beginning to have concern over issues of national security. There have been some very disturbing trends which I will share in this month’s column.

It first started right after the coronation; I mean inauguration, with the first phone call going to Mahmoud Abbas. Last time I checked the leader of the displaced Arab nomad group in the West Bank called Fatah was not a National leader, or ally. Considering all the other key allies who have stood by the United States, why was this gentleman first for a new President to call?

Next came the series of executive orders which commanded we shut down Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) detention facility, stop any harsh treatment of terrorists, and ceased any ongoing military trials against those being held. Now just recently we have heard from the infamous GITMO 5 who have claimed they take utmost pride in what they have accomplished to include the atrocities of 9-11.

We know that some 60 released detainees went right back to the battlefield to include several who are now leaders in Yemen and Afghanistan. Some would say this recidivism rate is low, however, not when you are the US man or woman in uniform overseas fighting.

As of 13 March we have been instructed by this administration that we can no longer call these fellas “enemy combatants”. Hmm, lets see, how about we call them “Friendly Frustrated Freedom Fighters”? I am certain we should consult Dr Phil for a proper means to address these cheeky fellows without damaging their self-esteem.

New Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently stated in an interview that she found using the term terrorism nuanced. She preferred using the term “man created disasters”. Well, Secretary Napolitano, if there is another “man created disaster” perpetrated by “Friendly Frustrated Freedom Fighters” Americans not take that too kindly.

Does an IED fall into the category of a “man created disaster”?

Soon after the series of executive orders focusing on GITMO the President gave his first TV interview, with Al Arabiya. During that interview he remarked about a return to better relations with the Muslim world, like 30 years ago. Perhaps the President did not realize that in Iran they have been celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

I remember that being a very sad and embarrassing episode in American history, can you say Embassy hostages?

At a time when we are having serious economic issues the American taxpayers are now sending $900 Million to the Gaza Strip for rebuilding. The “political” entity controlling Gaza is called Hamas, and they are a “Friendly Frustrated Freedom Fighter” organization. I can certainly bet that the only thing being rebuilt will be tunnels from Egypt into Gaza.

Along with that piece of change, is, by executive order, $20.3 Million going to resettle pro-Hamas Palestinians to the USA…..did anyone ask the American people about this?

First planned foreign country visit? Turkey, where “Friendly Frustrated Freedom Fighter” ideology is taking root (I call it radical Islamic ideology, but don’t tell anyone, I could be arrested for hate speech).

So far the President’s only visit to a US military installation was to Camp Lejeune NC, home of the US Marine II Expeditionary Force, a place where I spent three great years. The purpose was to announce his plan for withdrawal from Iraq.

Could you imagine Alexander the Great telling his Macedonians, “well guys, that whole bit about conquering the world, I was just kidding, let’s go home”. Warriors want to be inspired.

President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have both referred to our ICE agents as terrorizing Hispanics and being un-American. That should really inspire them to protect us against illegal immigrants.

Ok, you are asking so what? Well, this is the so what, President Obama has decided that our wounded warriors and others with service related injuries will have to use private insurance. AFLAC does not send our men and women into harm’s way to defend our way of life, the Constitution mandates the government do so.

The so what is that why are we placating and appeasing the enemy while abandoning those who stay on the wall protecting our America? That has me fuming and truly concerned about the loyalties of this President.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned; our President Barack Hussein Obama has Wednesday evening parties in the White House.

How did we get to this point? NOTE from Ginger: I want to know, too.)

Ride Hard, Ride Safe, AW


Debbie said...

Applause Applause Applause

This is what happens when Americans want the government to take care of them! This is what happens when our government wants to take care of everyone but the Legals.

I cant believe the government has no problem cutting off our vets, but paying for everything for people who are in our country illegaly.

Our government is willing to say "so sad to bad" to the people that worked hard to become citizens and let the people who break the laws become citizens. How can we do that to people who did it the right way? We care nothing about what it means to be American?

I used to think that I had it easy. Being American. I wondered why I was born American, did God think I was such a pansy that I couldnt take the hardships that other people have taken in other countries. Then I realized it is not easy being American. We fight for freedom, honor and the pursuit of happiness. We fight for the weak. It is not easy to be American and do the right thing. We need to do the right thing. Remove government officals that are not doing the job and replace them with people who will. Stop taking our liberities for granted and fight for them. Our founding Fathers are rolling in their graves for what we have done to our country. We need to take her back cherish her and give her what she needs to be the America she has been designed to be!!!

Good always wins over evil. Good just has to be strong enough to stand up and fight and die if needed!

Ginger Simpson said...

Thank you for the positive and profound comment. I don't post these things lightly, and I really appreciate when someone realizes that. :)


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