Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturdays Simperings

Some people prefer not to discuss politics, and I've been one of them...up until recently. I finally grew tired of keeping my head buried in the sand because there was nothing I could do to change things as only one person. Now, I'm taking a new stance... Saturdays are going to be my day to bitch, complain, alert, discuss, cuss, and rue our administration. Just a warning to steer clear if political discussions aren't your bag. The rest of the week, I'll devote to more pleasant topics. :) But for new emblem concerning political discussion is:

What the heck is going on? I realize the majority voted and elected our President, but I don't recall giving him permission to speak on my behalf in an insulting apology to Europe. I never disregarded them or thought badly of any specific country, and I resent him inferring that I did.

Some of the recent decisions made by the new administration puzzle me. For instance: Recently 1.5 Billion per year has been ear-marked for Pakistan for the five years, and 900 Million has been pledged to the Palestinians to help rebuild Gaza. While I consider these humanitarian deeds and appropriate for more flourishing times, I question why when the following statistics were just announced:

Jobs lost in March 2009 - (Note...under Obama's administration, not Bush's - 694,000
This added to the already 13.2 million unemployed, making the national unemployment rate the highest it's been in 25 years...8.5% Do you realize this doesn't represent those 'underemployed' because their hours have been cut back to save their employers money?

Yes, some people were given emergency extensions for thirteen weeks, but what then? The whopping $25.00 per week increase will eventually cease and many people will still be without jobs, and then without any income. What then? Well, the news is reflecting that. People snap and start killing others. Why not take 900 million dollars and split it among the tax payers rather than supporting people in other countries. Sorry it that sounds uncaring, but I'm all for "charity begins at home."

I know I was so touched by the $66.00 more I received on this month's paycheck as part of the stimulus, but I'm just torn on what I can actually do with that to enhance the economy. I think $250,000 would have gone a lot further to me paying off my debt, buying a new car, maybe even having a down payment on a house I couldn't afford without paying off the added expense. I could have helped both the auto and housing industry as I'm sure others could have, too.

So...I guess my question to those who care to answer...If we fix the auto industry and they keep pumping out cars, who can afford to buy them? An add on to that question...Why do we value saving the jobs of auto works over the millions of other trades in America. Aren't we all created equal? Right!


Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo with you on this Ginger. What in the world is this man thinking? I am so tired of paying more for everything and making less. God help us all if he doesn't pull his head out of wherever he is keeping it.

Linda Gates

Gwenn Devereaux said...

For all of those who complain about Ginger's political rants, my comment would be:

Its time for you to pull your heads out of your asses and realize no matter how badly you may want your world to be all pink clouds and lollipops, it ain't. For the ones who respond "I don't want to know because it upsets me", I say tough shit and shame on you. People who "know things" usually react and reaction is the first step to some sort of solution. I take credit for my sister's education to the politial nightmares occuring in our world today, so for those who object to her postings, direct the heat to me. I will gladly respond since I consider an assault on our US Constitution a more worthy topic than the dilemma of using too many "LY" words.

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