Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday's Simperings

Sorry I missed Friday's Fiction, but it was more like Black Friday. Hubby worked his last day and now we face the unemployment lines with millions of others. I dare say we are in better shape than some, and that's a sad statement. :)

Anyhow, I would like to share with you the identities of two people I believe should super glue their vicious lips together unless they speak about something they actually understand.

Miss Garafolo's (and I use the title with little respect) attack on Tea Party attendees was totally uncalled for and insulting. How does labeling people you have never met as rednecks and racists make her worthy of voicing an opinion on Keith Olbermann's show. And how dare that idiot agree with her. Had either attended one of the many local gatherings across the nation, they might have realized no one asked for party affiliation identification and this was not a partisan concern. I'm sure just as many democrats and republicans were in attendance, along with liberals, conservatives, independents, and people who have had very little interest in politics before. The brewing problems are going to affect us all in the long run.

The people I saw at the Tea Party in Nashville were peaceful, respectful and very concerned with their futures and that of their children. They have the right to let their fears be known. How else do you get the attention of an administration who has gone hog (pork) wild? Can you blame the people in California who are already on the bring of financial collapse for not wanting to share in the expense of exploring pig smells or any of the other ridiculous earmarks in the Omnibus bill? I sure can't because I feel the same way. There is a time to finance extravagances and it's not when you open your wallet and moths fly out. Honestly, I know it isn't only the President, so we need a real "Spring Cleaning" in Washington.

The Tea Parties were never an issue of race, and I detest being lumped into those who see skin color and judge others. May I remind Janine G. that Mr. Obama is only half black, so I suppose she should alter her opinion to say we are partial racists. Had this been about party affiliations, I'm sure she would have been invited to represent the ASS because she sure made one of herself on the news this week. I think we should hold a contest between her and the CNN reporter who did such a 'fine' job of reporting the news at one of the Tea Parties. Who stuck a stick up her butt?

AND...Hey Keith, how about getting someone on your show with a real opinion, and not just a personal judgmental viewpoint...or that's right, you can't attract anyone other than out-of-work actors, commedians, and people who like to kiss your butt. I just can't see the attraction myself.

Oh...and good going Nancy Pelosi,for referring to attendees as 'astroturf.' That's a real positive way to approach the American public you're supposed to represent...oh, and how kind of Janet Napolitano for putting out an alert that lumped Tea Party goers in with terrorists and other threats to our nation. What has our nation become? If you're not frightened, you should be. There are powers brewing in the Middle East who see the discord here and are bound to swoop down and strike when we are at our weakest. Maybe cuts where the military is concerned is a really bad idea. You think?


Lillie Ammann said...


Hope your husband finds a new job quickly.

And I agree with everything you've said about the mainstream media and liberal insulting of the tea parties. From all I've seen, the participants were law-abiding and respectful, simply making their opinions known, exercising the right of free speech guaranteed to us in the Constitution!

Lisa Logan said...

Like it or not, Ms. Garafalo has the same right to freedom of speech that you so freely and colorfully exercise. This isn't merely a privilege extended to those who agree with you. So the trouble with calling her an idiot for voicing her views is that you're stuck with the same label yourself.

It's probably naive of me to think I'd rather see things like this happen with proper respect for differing views. Revolutions don't happen that way. And this seems like one of those desperate times when calm heads simply can't prevail. What a shame.


Ginger Simpson said...


The difference between Janine Garafolo and me is that I actually witnessed her performance, therefore could judge it and make a fair assessment. I don't label people without provocation so please don't assume I'm anything like she is.

She didn't even attend a Tea Party, meet the people or familiarize herself with the cause, but criticized and wrongly judged everyone who attended.

You can't have an opposing view if you don't know what the other person's viewpoint is, but resort to name calling. I can judge her an idiot because she acted one on public television. No one is saying she doesn't have a right to voice her opinion, but to go before TV cameras and infer that anyone who attended is racist, doesn't know their history and is an idiot is what pissed me off.

Over 1/4 of a million people attended Tea Parties and there was no incidence of violence reported. I'd pretty much say that represents 'calmer heads.'

Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Hi Ginger!

I also hope your husband finds a new job and soon.

I agree with all you said. When I heard Ms. Garafalo spout her diatribe I was totally repulsed by her. This isn't the first time she shot her mouth off without knowing what she was talking about. But then, that's what the far-left-wing-robots always do. No one can have a difference of opinion from them. Only they have the right to speak. Everyone else is to be silenced.

As to Janet Napolitano, she should be fired. Her leaked HHS memorandum only shows just what this administration has in store for anyone who disagrees with them. Dissent will no longer be tolerated. All must now bow down to the "one". Shades of Nazi Germany... those who forget History are destined to repeat it. And let's pray the American People will wake up before it's too late.

Brett said...

Since when do we care what that no-talent, Garafalo bitch thinks? she's on the same level as Sarah Silverman. Maybe they should use those mouths for something positive, Like sucking on a barrel of a loaded pistol, or maybe the tailpipe of a running car. The possibilities are endless.

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