Friday, May 29, 2009


Before I reveal the winner of the $25.00 Amazon Gift Card, I would like to thank all the talented people who took the time to submit an entry. I think they were all well-written and I wish I could award a prize to each person, but unfortunately, my appreciation will have to do for all but ANITA DAVISON, the author of Entry #8. Anita is a multi-published author who writes historical fiction. I'm a fan, so it was no surprise that she ran away with the contest. Congratulations, Anita.

I promised I would identify the writer with their piece, so I shall:
Entry 1 = Sarma Burdeu
Entry 2 = Brenda Weaver
Entry 3 = Cheryl S.
Entry 4 = Mark Chapman
Entry 5 = Melissa Gilsan
Entry 6 = Diane Scott Lewis
Entry 7 = Anon
Entry 8 = TA DA...Anita Davison
Entry 9 = Sally Odgers
Entry 10= A.J. Ryan

So...again, my appreciation to each one of you and to Anita....the card is in the mail...or it will be, shortly.


Kim Richards said...

Congratulations Anita!

Sally_Odgers said...

Well won!

Rayka Mennen said...

Awesome Anita - that was a great entry.

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