Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday's Wit

Actually, I do love Wednesdays, but it's habitual. For all those years I worked, it meant the work week was half over. Now I can't really explain why it holds any significance as one day just blurs into another now that I have no "life." Now I just wake up to see how many more wrinkles or pounds I've added. *lol*

Got this cartoon via email today....finally a logical explanation of why I've gained weight so easily. *rofl*

Just a final comment on the pirating post from yesterday. I appreciate all who responded. It's very evident that this topic touches people in different ways, and I in no way meant to minimize the problem. I personally believe this is a war we won't win because sharing reading material is habitual. I totally recognize the difference between posting downloads for profit and checking out a book at the library, but I think there are too many others who don't give a thought to the author who labored over a manuscript for months. Shameful, but true. Evidently, I don't have a worry since I haven't found ONE of my books being pirated. I don't know whether to celebrate or cry. *lol*

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