Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hi Ginger

Hi Ginger, I can't believe I'm first up here, but guess you've all only just got up over the other side of the world. Seems I have to write about my fabulous promotional skills(none!) I'm the worst person to ask about promo and honestly don't know why I put my hand up to take part. Probably because Ginger is one of my favorite cyber friends and I seem to do anything she asks (within reason). When I began this amazing writing journey quite a few years ago, I spent a fortune on advertising, promo etc, then somewhere along the line realized I'd spent about 20 times more than what I'd earned in a year. So, now I'm more picky and to be honest have cut my promo down to a minimum. Probably mainly because I'm a lazy writer-or perhaps merely because I'm broke! I've paid huge amounts for advertising in the Romantic Times in the past. I think that may have paid off because the first time around White Clover, my first time-travel was voted reviewers choice Ebook of the year. That was in the days when they had a section for Ebooks. Now I limit my promo to featured membership at The Romance Studio, a basic page on Authorsden, my web page (A vital part of an author's promo) and my infrequent newsletter. Oh, I have a MySpace page. Gaining review quotes is a very important part of a writer's job, also interviews and featured guest spots.
To be honest I make more from my books now than I did when I was spending a fortune on advertising, but that probably has more to do with gathering a few faithful readers along the way.
I feel like a cheat being here as I'm the worst person to ask about promo. I just go happily along hoping my readers enjoy my books and continue to buy them. If you'd like to take a look at my books, read some reviews and excerpts, hop over to my web page. My next book is a Viking Time-Travel. Who Needs Tomorrow, to be released at Wings Sept 1st.
Sorry for that blatant bit of promo, Ginger, but you did say it was allowed.
Love and Hugs from one of your Australian friends, Tricia

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Ginger Simpson said...

Tricia...I had a good giggle at your post. I wondered how you crept in before my opening, but because you posted from Australia, your post was made on Tuesday the 4th...right next to your book title, Who Needs Tomorrow. How cute! Thank you so much for always being my friend and joining in this effort.

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