Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joan Maze's Take on Promotion


Joan K. Maze

I never thought I’d be doing promotion, which to me is selling, and I hate sales, nor am I good at it.

Then why am I enjoying it? I suppose it’s because I love books and I do believe in my own, along with lots of others, which I can attest to by the size of my home library.

My first attempt consisted of confronting a lady in a grocery store (after she’d helped me reach something), giving her my business card and telling her about the book. She acted interested and actually put the card in her purse. At least she didn’t throw me out of the store.

Next, I joined a long list of groups suggested by my publisher, all through Yahoo. I post once or twice a week, probably should increase that, and have noticed more hits on my website afterwards.

My next venture was to join Myspace, Spacebook and Twitter, none of which I completely understand. I do post, though not frequently, and plan on learning more about them. When on Twitter, I feel like I’ve wandered into a foreign country without learning the language first.

When reading a writer’s magazine, I came across a site named It looks quite promising and I did join it, but it is rather complicated. I also will join AuthorIsland, about which I’ve heard good things.

Someone also suggested that I form a group of my own. I assume that would be through Yahoo. I will try to come up with a them, probably something humorous, and will then work on learning how to do that. Maybe if I get lucky the tech fairy will knock on my door.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Joan K. Maze

Available now at Red Rose Publishing. Framed in Fear, coming soon.

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Unknown said...

Joan, I really appreciate that you took time to participate. I know how frustrating trying to maneuver new sites can be, and how much work is involved in even PROMOTING an event like this. I enjoyed learning more about you.

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