Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

My husband is always complaining about the horrible state and stench in the men's room. I'd like to tell him that women are so much more tidy and considerate, but unfortunately that isn't the case. Hey, we all do a little stinky now and then, but do we have to be so filthy?

I was prompted to blog about the things that annoyed me today on my shopping trip to Walmart, with of course the first one being my stop in the restroom before driving home. Now mind you,employees adhere to cleaning schedules, but honestly, how much effort does it take to bend over and pick up a piece of toilet paper you dropped on the floor? And speaking of floor...I'm amazed at how many women can't hit the toilet. I know your mother taught you not to sit on the seat, but pah-lease...I don't like walking around in wet shoes, especially when I know what wet them. *yuk* Can you spell F-L-U-S-H? I don't need to see what you left behind.

Can you not push the paper towels down in the trash can when you see it mounding to the sky? Take a clean one, put it on top, and apply a little pressure. You'd be surprised how well they compact. No fuss, no muss! But no, you just toss another one atop the pile and watch it tumble to the floor, then leave with a smirk that it isn't your house. I often wonder what the bathrooms look like in the homes of some of these trashy women...and yes I say TRASHY. The state of our public restrooms reflect the lack of respect we have for one another. That's sad...very sad.

Another pet peeve: Walmart has over a hundred cart returns in their parking lot, yet lazy people leave their carts pushed up alongside other patron's cars, marring and denting their vehicles. I CARE what my car looks like. If you don't, at least please respect mine. I couldn't afford the Cash for Clunkers program so I'm still paying on my older vehicle.

It takes maybe twenty steps to find an allotted cart return area. Maybe you might walk off some of those extra pounds if you included putting your cart where it belongs when you've finished shopping. Yeah...and nothing pisses me off more than finally finding a parking spot and having to get out of my car to move a cart left by some inconsiderate idi-- person. Again...another example of how we treat one another.

Now for the MOST frustrating. I have the greatest of sympathies for those with disabilities who are forced to "ride" in electric carts to do their shopping, but c'mon, you aren't the only person in the store. I swear today, I was haunted by stray shopping carts and overweight women cruising down the aisles like they were on Hollywood Blvd gazing at the movie stars. I can say overweight,because I'm carrying a few extra pounds myself, so I'm not being disrespectful, just making a point. I have to admit that there have been days I've thought how nice it would be to ride up and down the aisles, but when you stop and chat and make it impossible to get past you, then you become a thorn in my side. One particular THORN was in every single aisle I tried today. Because of avoiding her I forgot to get bread, which is what was at the top of my shopping list. She and I must have shared the same needs because she was EVERYWHERE, but parked and exchanging pleasantries with groups of people and barring my way. I finally left before I lost my cool and disconnected her battery. *smile*

Okay...I feel much better now that I've let it all out.


Chris Redding said...

My pet peeve is when women (it's usually women) wait until all of their items are rung up to pull out their check book or credit card. As if they thought they didn't have to pay.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

You hit it very hard on the head with this post. The only thing I have to say and it probably goes right along with the ladies in the go carts is people with reagular shopping carts are just as bad. Ex: I had to use one of those carts last year because I was recovering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns. No matter where I went with my go cart, or how polite I was,and I was. They never moved. What should have been a 5 minute in and out trip was more like an hour. Plus I got the stares of oh why are you in it, there is nothing wrong with you...if they only knew.

I agree its called respecting people, learn it!

Maryann Miller said...

LOL, Ginger. Why don't you tell us how you really feel? But I agree. I cannot believe how inconsiderate some people can be about trashing the environment, hogging the environment, and spoiling the environment. Whatever environment it is.

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