Monday, August 3, 2009


Normally I post these rants on my other blog, but this is way too important not to share here. People! Stop watching network news and watch FOX cable news and get informed about what's going on in America. I watched network news for years and thought I knew the state of things, but I realized I was only being fed the "sunny" version. Network news is slanted and missing critical facts YOU need to know.

This morning, after watching more reports about the health care reform, I still have to ask myself how can the government propose take over the nations healthcare when they have run medicare and medicaid into the ground....totally ignoring the fraud and providing no oversight?

Furthermore, I spend my days trying not to think about death. Sure, it's inevitable, we are all going to die, but I prefer not to dwell on it. One of the components of this proposed bill is that once you reach sixty-five years of age, it will be mandatory that you meet with a "health care official" to discuss your "end of life" management. Every five friggin' years? Sure, keep reminding people they have one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave...that does a lot to lessen killer stress!

I've discussed this with my doctor in a Living Will. My family knows my wishes, I've put down my preferences for dealing with situations where I may or may not be revived, I sure as hell don't need to discuss it with someone who knows absolutely nothing about me. This is managed healthcare? I guess this will do away with all those pesky, mandatory HIPAA laws that were designed to protect our privacy.

If the government takeovers continue, we will not only have lost "private industry," we will have lost privacy, PERIOD.

I'm not opposed to good health care...I just don't think it is something that should be rushed into WITHOUT discussion with the very people who will be affected by it. Certainly not Congress!! If we don't wake up and speak up...this is going to become reality. Those of you who look at this and say, "oh goody, free health care," had better dig a little deeper and realize what "free" can cost you and those you love.

Okay, rant over for now, and I'll move future ones back to my "alter-ego's" blog.

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unwriter said...

speaking of mandatory health care, where does this sit with the freedoms allowed via the constitution? Second, are all politicians except from this? If the second is true, I'm running for Mayor.

Martha Eskuchen said...

Hi Ginger - loved your rant! My Hubby read something on the news this morning that Obama officials have advised that middle class taxes would have to be raised to help fund the health care program. Just great! Add some more taxes on the struggling working folk! Doesn't that make sense???? {NOT}

Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Yes, Congress,his majesty and their families WILL NOT be subjected to this monstrosity. You see, their health plan is only good enough for the peons, it is not good enough for them. And the Constitution? - It is not viable as far as they are concerned and soon will no longer be the law of the land if they have their way.
I'm with you Ginger, if they think for one damn minute that I or my husband will submit to their version of "Solent Green" they can think again. And whether the senior citizens of this country know it or not, that's exactly what the plan is...If you haven't seen Solent Green, I suggest you get the video and take a good look at what the plan is. Although at this point in time I don't believe we have a problem with plankton, so they won't be grinding up the people for food wafers. But then...

Maggi Andersen said...

OMG! A sixty five year old could live to be a hundred, does that mean every five years they have to do that? Glad I'm an Aussie but how long am I safe?

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