Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome Ron Berry

Work Spelled the Long way

Ah rit, er rote, ah the heck wit it, I put words into some kinda sentences and callt it a boook. I’s wants t’others ta reads it so’s ah can makes me some mony. Ah even lets me friend reads it. He said there t’were a bit o a problemo wit it. Den he sees it. My name wasn’t in big letters. Ah mailed me book to da book people what makes em books for da stores. I gots this big bad letter what says it ain’t fit to print. I says why? Dey tolds me it needs to have goodly spellin. Ah uses spelling chek but all it does is underlines words.

I rewrote the book using good English and punctuation then I published it with Lulu. A few writers read the book again and said it was good enough. Now came the hard part, getting the word out. This turned out to be work. However, I had done much of the work ahead of time because I had a blog and I used that to build a platform. I joined several social networks as well as Twitter. I went a step further and built a website (ok, this needs work but…). Those are the first steps toward self-promotion. Even if you are published with a big name brick and mortar publisher, you have to do much of the promo work yourself. Does it work? Of course. Every time you get your name out there it is one step closer to name recognition. It takes work, but it sure beats getting up at five to go to work at a boring day job. I’m retired and have an income so I am not in need of this being my primary income. I won’t get rich, but I’m writing for me, not to make my fortune.

I am known online as unwriter but my real name is Ron Berry. Click to visit my website or my blog. If it isn’t obvious, I specialize in humor and children’s stories. My first anthology, Laughs from Corn Country has some of my crazier stories and for the entire family is my non-fiction book, Math for the Family. This goes from before numbers through Boolean Logic. It is a fun to read reference book. I am also the proud Grandpa of Kadence Callista Berry.


Ginger Simpson said...

Ron is a brave soul. He's, I believe the only male on my yahoo loop, and he brings a humorous perspective to whatever we discuss. I'm so happy to have him as a friend and peer. Clearly he shares the same feelings for his granddaughter as I do for my grandson, Spencer. Grandchildren are the bright spot to growing older.

J K Maze said...

I thought getting a contract was hard...promotion is worse. I've been 'needling' everyone with my bookmarks and copies of my reviews, doctors, store clerks, everyone. So far I've escaped with life and limb. I even suggested to the bus company I worked for (a company serving seniors and the disabled) that they make riders buy my book in order to get the ride. Why did they reject my suggestion? Promoting is work, but it is fun. And I love ebooks.

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