Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What makes an Alpha male to you?

I know that you have probably seen this question time and time again, but I never get tired of reading the answers from my wonderful fans. I think an Alpha male can consist of several different things from charm, heart, undying love for the heroine or just wanting to protect the woman of his dreams from the evils of the world.

Alpha males to me are the sexiest to write about because you never know what kind of roller coaster ride they are going to take you on. One minute they can't be without the women they love and then in the same breath they are fighting their love for her. I hate to say it but I'm drawn to write about Alpha males more than any other types. I love how they make me feel and the way the just off the screen of my computer. So, I ask you what nmakes a perfect Alpha male to you and who are some of the sexiest Alpha males you have read?

Marie Rochelle

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Tabitha Shay said...

I love Alpha males, love their toughness,their attitude of, My way or the highway...gotta have that rugged, devil in blue jeans with that bit of a roguish twinkle in his eyes. He's got to be a bodice ripper, take charge sort of male, yet love his woman with every breath he breathes and yet, fight not to give in to his heart's desire. I love sparring between the hero and heroine and of course, the heroine has to be that feisty wench able to hold her own...Tabs

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