Friday, September 25, 2009

Her Reluctant Rancher

Okay, so I got so excited doing the review on Margaret Tanner's book, I actually sat and read another novel. I had the good fortune to win two in blog contests I entered, so when I received Her Reluctant Rancher by Anne Marie Novark, and found it personally autographed, I owed it to her to read her story.

Am I glad I did? You bet. I wasn't familiar with the author or her work, but I quickly discovered Ms. Novark is an ultimate romance writer. The sexual tension between the hero and heroine began the moment they laid eyes on one another and continued up and through the actual mating scene. I confess, the emotions were so vivid, I felt as though I was in the room with them when they first undressed, and I think I actually blushed.*lol* This wasn't sex, people; this was love making at it's finest. Brought back some great memories of my youth. *rofl*

From the time handsome and rich Trevor Callahan returns to his deceased grandfather's ranch with the intention of selling it all to erase bad memories, his future is forever changed. The moment he sets his gaze on adorable little Mags and her sexy mother, Beth, he's a goner... despite pages and pages of denial on his part. Ms. Novark has definitely mastered electric sparks, because they are readily apparent each time the two characters are in a room together.

This isn't just another sexy fiction, this book has a believable plot and characters you'll identify with and love. Tension, conflict (external and internal), and an ending you might anticipate, but one that still leaves you saying "ahhh!"

Want a great book?Her Reluctant Rancher by Anne Marie Novark is my second recommended read of the month. Honestly, had I not won the book, I probably would never have read it. Expanding your horizons pays great dividends. If you don't pick up something a little different, you might miss out on a lot of wonderful authors. Brava, Anne Marie! OH! you can learn more about how to order the book and read about this brilliant author on her website.

NOTE: My plan is to try to complete at least one book a month that I can review here. Anything I can do to promote a fellow e-published author helps me too. We're all in this together, so maybe Anne Marie might get curious and want to see how I write. You never know. *smile* I'm a firm believer in endorsing the work of my peers. The authors contracted with bigger houses have enough help, they don't need mine.


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

I've been meaning to do my own reveiw of this story, my bad. You really pegged the story, Ginger. Anne Marie is a friend of mine and I really misunderstood her sexual intensity in her writing when were talking about our works. I thought she wrote sweet. So, I start reading this book and, wham! the hero's getting a hard-on first off the bat. I'm like, what???

But you are so right, Anne Marie is great at the sexual tension, the love scenes and the romantic growth. Her next book comes out earlier next year, and I can't wait.

Anne Marie Novark said...

Wow! Ginger!!! Thanks for the great review!

I'm so glad you liked my book. Reading your review made my day, my month and my year!!!

I'm so happy that you GOT my writing. I want my readers to feel the love-making like they're really there. It's not just sex, but something very special shared between two people. And I like to end my books with an "ahhh" moment.

And you were right. I immediately went to your website to see what you write, and I will definitely be spicing up my life with Ginger!!!

Thanks so much!!!

RWAdams said...

Ginger, as a writer myself, I know the thrill of a good review. Even better is a good review thoughtfully written. While I may not get the chance to read the story, I enjoyed immensely your rebiew and feel it served Anne Marie well. Thos interested in a good romantical tale would do well to check out your review, and whet their appetite. Think of it as foreplay...

Ginger Simpson said...

Mr. Adams...this is exactly why you are on my top ten list of favorite people. You are supportive and know how to say the right things. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my blog and Anne Marie. She's a new author to me and I was quite taken by her story. NO one will ever accuse her of lacking a sensual aspect to her writing. She writes much the same as another favorite of mine, Phyllis Campbell. If I want steam...I know where to go, and it's not to the shower. *lol*

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