Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do You Believe in Ghosts - Repeat

I posted this true story in October 2008 after we moved into this house:

At last, I have my computer back and some order of semblance in the house. My sister is a whiz at getting things into shape, and I'm sure by the end of the day, she and Kelly will have the few remaining wall pieces hung. But while they are working up a sweat, I've sneaked into my 'new' office to tell you about the first few days here.

While cleaning up remnants from the previous tenants, I swept a pair of little girl flip-flops from a bedroom closet. I also noticed something shiny, and bent (with great effort) to pick up a dime. I threw it on my desk and continued. The next day, we moved a piece of furniture outside, and while sweeping away the dust bunnies and crumbs remaining beneath it, I found another dime. I picked it up (getting my exercise by bending) and added it to the other, now thinking, 'hmm'.

The first night we spent here, I was undressing (a pretty scary imagine in itself) in the bedroom, and I found another dime on the floor. Okay, now things were getting weird. What's with all the change!!!

I mentioned it to my husband, who later found another dime in the living room. I made several loud announcements to the new house that I didn't want anymore dimes. If whoever 'it' was insisted on leaving money, I demanded dollars.

The next day I found a few more dimes, but then realized my sister had said something to my nephew and, I of course told my son. A few of the dimes can be attributed to their 'slinging' them around when I wasn't looking to fuel my fear, but I do have a few that both swear on my pending grave they did not leave.

The second night in the house, I awoke with a start to someone sitting on the edge of my bed. I bolted up, expecting to see someone there, but nothing! I clearly felt the bed dip beneath someone's weight. No repeat occurrences thus far.

Strangely, I'm not bothered by all this. I don't feel any hostile vibes and I already feel like I'm home.

Current Note: The dime dropping finally ceased after a few weeks and I haven't felt anyone in bed with me that wasn't supposed to be. *lol* I can't believe it's already been a whole year, but I did do a little research, and the "Dimes Dilemma" happens to a lot of people and most associate them with dearly departed. Google it and be amazed.

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Paige Ryter said...

This freaks me husband felt someone sit on our bed right after his dad died. I had a dream about him, too, and he was playing practical jokes on me. I told him to just die already and it all stopped. But scary stuff!

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