Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome, Tiranth

Hello everyone! I'm Antonia Tiranth but most everyone just calls me Tir. I want to thank Ginger first of all for being so kind as to host me on her blog. She offered awhile ago and usually I have a blog entry ready to go but this one took me awhile to think up. What am I thankful for? Well, of course there are the obvious things: my health, my job, my family, etc, etc. I've said many times in many places about how I'm thankful to Delilah K. Stephans for being my writing buddy and kicking my butt when it needs to be kicked. I'm thankful for my sister in spirit Elle and my fiance for being my rapid fans. But there is one thing I've never mentioned being thankful for and I'm really surprised he hasn't called me up on this. I am exceedingly and for always thankful for my muse.

A tiny purple dragon appears with a squeak. Tir's Muse : Me?

Yes, you. Thank you Shir for being my muse.

The dragon looks stunned for a long moment and then lifts his head proudly

*laughs* I know, I usually post about wanting to turn him into a giant hippo or how I'd love to tear his little scaly wings off but without him where would I be? Yes, I have many files of unfinished stories and sometimes I run head first into walls but with Shir, my world would be a dull place. Shir brings me worlds of my own to play with and so many interesting people to talk to. Not only that, from what my muse has brought me, I've met many wonderful authors and made many new friends.

Shir looks quite smug.

He's going to be unbearable for months now but it was long over due. And now I'm off to find something else I'm very thankful for...pumpkin pie and a huge dollop of Cool-Whip.

I love hearing from everyone so please stop by my website. I'm also on twitter and facebook.

Thanks again Ms. Ginger for letting me and Shir stop by.


Anonymous said...

Hey darling... Shir is going to unsufferable... and you forgot his playmate... who may just drive him nuts... but weren't we just discussing your two dragons? I am glad you have him to keep those dull moments from getting too dull...

Antonia said...

LOL yeah Ibisa is pretty quiet. She just kinda sits there and waits her turn.

Colleen Love said...

Ahh, nothing like giving the muse a little love...

Be nice now, Shir...


Denysé said...

Hey, Dragon-Lady!! Nice job, as always... your stories are so intriguing, and always filled with unexpected delights!! Keep playing with the muse and sharing with the rest of us!!

Hugs, always ~
Official Author Website

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm pleased you came and spent time with me and shared your "thankful" feelings. You're welcome here anytime. :)

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