Tuesday, December 29, 2009


To me, the definition of a goal should be changed to "dream." It's a particular thing you want to achieve, will strive to achieve, but be damn lucky if you see it to fruition.

While I didn't set goals for 2009, my friend on my historical critique group so kindly posted ones I set in 2008. As the saying goes, "a day late and a dollar short," I still accomplished something this past year, aside from finding out that Parvo Virus doesn't only pertain to dogs, blood thinner requires that you have frequent blood testing, you should never never assume you are on the last step in the dark, and most importantly for my continued health, I discovered why someone named a particular shoe "slippers." *lol*

Here are my goals from 2008 along with comments about how I fared.

1. Successfully find a home for Sarah's Journey if TWRP doesn't offer a contract.

I discovered that TWRP doesn't like me. They turned down Sarah's Journey because they didn't approve of the ending, and they reported the loss of my two other submissions. I can take a hint. I'm not their cup of tea. Luckily, the submission's editor at Eternal Press GOT the reason for SJ's ending and called it brilliant. How lucky was that? And how true?

2. Complete First Degree Innocence and Love in Stages.

Well, Love in Stages turned out to be Stages of Love and the stories in that collection were finished and published by Eternal Press. (Chastity's Charms, Forever Faith, Amazing Grace, and Hope Springs Eternal.) Unfortunately, I'm still plugging away at First Degree Innocence and it's number one on my 2010 goal list. This is the ONE that's going to make me famous. *big grin*

3. See Sisters in Time completed in an improved format and shop it.

Improved it, shopped it and it's already published by Eternal Press. Available in both download and print...as are all my works.

4. Rob a bank so I can attend the Romance Times Convention in 2008 *just kidding*

2009 was such a bad financial year, I would have had to rob a bank to attend the conference. While this goal remained impossible in 2008 and 9, I'm hoping 2010 will be the year I can afford to attend at least one conference. The networking opportunity is awesome, and I so enjoyed the RT conference I attended years back. It's a costly venture, and certainly not one that can be supported by my book sales, unless of course you guys want to step up to the plate and start buying. *lol*

5. Find an agent who actually knows the difference between Internet and Mainstream publishing. :)

I did find an agent, and she does know the difference. What remains to be seen is if she can place any of my work. I've just completed an historical romance, Odessa, and time will tell.

Seems like a short list of accomplishments, but when you factor in all the blogging, emailing, Facebooking, Myspacing, Goodreading, Tweeting, and such, it's amazing I got anything done...especially since I've become addicted to Farmville. As if that's not bad enough, I keep getting invites to join Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Fishworld, Farm Town, and Farkle. I'm praying for strength to "just say no." It doesn't only work for drugs. *lol*

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Anonymous said...

I like the just say "NO"...

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