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Kayden McLeod's Deep Water Legends, Character Interview

Genre: Paranormal Science Fiction (Vampires)

Length (word-count): 18k

For Excerpt and Blurb:

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Character Interview:

When there is a high-profile case, such as the betrayal of one of their own, the Council has laws set in place to see it ‘properly documented’, and one of those rules is to situate a series of spells about the premises, to record exactly what is said by whom, their ‘movements’, and on the occasion their emotional impact to what is said, to keep a more accurate text-record, in case it’s needed in the future. This document encompasses exactly what was predetermined to happen in that basement room of the headquarters of the Vancouver vampire Council.

There are some things out there not in vampirekind’s best interest to know...such as when other races really did exist out there. As Canada’s most powerful vampire in more ways than one, it’s Manuel’s final decision to leave out very important parts of the real story, to perhaps salvage something of the waste lain by one single Rogue, whom stole Council property, along with a human, all in a single bid to prove he wasn’t the lunatic he was named.

This document, even as scarce as it is to what actually happened that night on Mount Robson, was mysteriously lost to the Council after the proper personnel filed it away, leaving a log as to its ‘whereabouts’….until now. This is the first time it has been opened since that fateful night.

Official Documentation of the Interview of the Foxworth Council Hunters


Interview with:

Ceanna Foxworth, Council Hunter

Arcadia Foxworth, Council Hunter

Interviewer: Dwayne Kilmarco, assistant to Manuel Martinez, Councilman

Official Witness: Manuel Martinez, Head of Canada, Councilman

* * * * *

Dwayne: This is an official record, where only truth will be told...the only place any of the truth will be.

Manuel: *Barks out a laugh* Don’t be a smartass, just get on with the legal crap.

Arcadia: I don’t understand why the vampire Council even needs ‘legal crap’.

Manuel: Because you’re not the one who gets to make the rules...and then make the others follow them.

Ceanna: Or, so you try.

Dwayne: Do I really have to read the entire write-up for this to be official? Everyone is just going to lie anyways...

Manuel: No, not really, just the motions to appease the little beings that plague me day and night with their constant bickering.

Dwayne: But I get to know what actually happened right?

Arcadia: Sorry boss, your boss said no one. One more secret I get to keep from you.

Ceanna: Don’t worry Dwayne, it really isn’t that interesting.

Dwayne: Right...that’s why we’re having this huge game of charades right? Manuel doesn’t seal up cases like this, ever. Something happened out there, something that made the both of you want to leave the Council for good. I’ve known you your entire lives, and I know the hard you’ve had it.

Arcadia: And that has what to do with anything?

Manuel: That is takes a lot to scare you off.

Arcadia: So? Have you people met my wife? Do you know what she is capable of doing to me, if I continue to endanger myself for a corporation I can no longer believe in? No offence, Manny.

Manuel: *Sigh* As usual, none taken. I do not much like the corruption just isn’t like the old days at all, nor what my brothers and I envisioned.

Ceanna: *Smiles coldly* When the councilmen disobey you and decide to abuse their power like they did in Fernando’s case, you could just kill them are powerful enough.

Manuel: I can’t...

Arcadia: *Sits up sharply in his chair* Why the hell not?

Dwayne: Because the first rules, the ones that the Original Cursed Ones follow to this dat, stays his hand. All three of us know how Manuel is about upholding what they believe is right.

*Arcadia snorts, while Ceanna rolls her eyes*

Ceanna: Yea. Right. Manuel always obeys all the laws. *Snickers*

Manuel: *Sly grin* I never break the rules. Ever.

Dwayne: Bullshit! For the first time in British Columbia’s history, you’re letting a councilman and woman go. Do any of you doubt that hasn’t resonated throughout our community...wondering what makes them special?

Manuel: Of course I am. I know better than to go against who stands behind them. They have the forces of nature on their side, plus a Mother who would beat six dozen different ways, if I did not relinquish them back completely within her care. Or that is what I’m allowing others to believe.

Dwayne: But what happened to the human that the Rogue, Fernando stole?

Ceanna: Daphne? Those details are classified, but it was taken care of.

Dwayne: So what can you tell me then?

Arcadia: I think we already covered that.

Dwayne: Then why the hell am I even here? Do you people have any clue how much work this man makes me do? Waste of my time, if you ask me.

Manuel: You’re on my time, little man. I’ll waste it however I please. Let’s wrap this up. There are far better things for us to be doing; reset the spells, and have personnel file it away. I’ll make sure it goes missing after they’ve done it.

Arcadia: *Laughs* There really was no point to this, was there?

Manuel: *Shoots Arcadia a level glare* There is very reason to do this. In order to let you leave unscathed, I have to move mountains, but I’m willing to do it. To minimize the backlash of going against everything they believe in, I have to not outright break as many laws as possible.

*Dwayne recites the incantation backwards, releasing the energy powering the spells back into the atmosphere, the words and actions magically appearing as it happened freezing, but not before he slips the record into the folder and seals it.*

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