Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our White Christmas Came Late

Ever since I moved to Tennessee, I've laughed at the "snow days" that close the schools. For example, on Thursday evening we received notification that the schools would be closed on Friday. In the past, closures have been for naught...nary a flake fell, but I think the teacher's do a "snow dance" at home because it's a paid day off for them. Heck, who wouldn't.

But the snow did come, and the most the Nashville are has seen for quite a while. Sharing these pictures gives you a glimpse of our new living "quarters." The two automobiles are parked just outside our front door. Although, I wish for a garage like I had in California, they are scarce commodities back here. Those who have them usually store things inside and let their cars set out. Makes me scratch my head. The days of cleaning my car and putting it in a nice tidy garage are gone forever. :(

This view is looking to the right through my front door, toward the dumpster, where I'll not be going for a few days. *lol* And, last but not least, this picture was taken through the glass on my back door (conveniently located in the second bedroom (guest/office quarters) and gives you an idea of the expanse of the patio that holds our BBQ. A 4x4 slab with a privacy panel is a far cry from the nice screened in sunroom at our old house, but at least, here we can breathe.

Oh, and judging from the newscasts showing all the collisions, it's a good thing they close the schools. People back here clearly do not know how to drive in the snow. Of course, I don't either, so I won't. But on Thursday, the aisles were packed with shoppers. It wasn't the first or the fifteenth, so it puzzled me. The lady in line behind me had a cart holding little canned goods, candles, and a few miscellaneous things, and when I wondered aloud why the lines were so long she had a ready answer. "Everyone here is stockin' up for the "blizzard" that's a comin'." So now through the magic of pictures, you can say you've seen a Tennessee blizzard. *lol* Until now, I thought a blizzard was something scrump-delicious available at Dairy Queen. I love the Chocolate-covered Stawberry Blizzard. Yum!!!


Paige Ryter said...

So how much snow did you get in your 'blizzard'? It doesn't look like more than an inch or so from the pics...and that's a 'flurry' up here in WI. HAHAHHA!!

I lived in NC for 10 I feel your pain. Y'all aren't used to that white stuff, because usually it's covered in ice, too, which is impossible!

Ginger Simpson said...

This was it...and was far more than an inch or so. *lol* I lived in California, so the only snow I ever saw was in the that was snow! But when I lived in Show Low, Arizona, we got quite a bit in the winter.

Arianna Skye said...

LOL, Paige. That's a flurry here in Michigan too! And yes, it definitely looks like more than an inch. I'd say 3 inches! Ha!

Debby said...

As a teacher, I can tell you it is not a free day. We have to make it up. I am not fond of snow days.

Paige Ryter said...

Three inches would cripple most southern NC, 1/2 inch crippled the city, because it usually turned to ice. So I feel for you guys!

Has it started to melt yet? I honestly can say I hate snow and ice...but we haven't gotten much at ALL this year...probably just two or three feet, which is nothing up here.

Ginger Simpson said...

Tomorrow, school is closed too, but I'm glad. My husband is a trucker, and he said the roads are horrid. The snow is melting and immediately turning to ice. He drove to Memphis today and saw a bunch of wrecks. I'm just happy he wasn't in one of them.

As for teachers...I didn't mean any disregard. You earn you money and then some, in my opinion. I think you all deserve a medal.

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