Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome, Gianna Bruno

Big thanks to Ginger for hosting me today. Hot Chocolate Kiss was released by Eternal Press yesterday, and I'm still flying high after the all the launch day festivities.

Keela Branford’s passion for extreme winter sports, fueled by anger at a cheating soon to be ex-husband, drives her to brave sub-zero wind chills and break a lot of rules--including the one to never ski alone. There are just some battles that have to be fought despite the risks.

Keela doesn't think much of Rick Marston, a ski lift attendant who is brazen enough to question Keela's judgment. And she thinks even less of his invitation for a drink when she comes down from the summit. She's sworn off controlling jocks like her ex, and is determined to exorcise the demon of self-doubt inside her. Will Keela win the battle against The Witches waiting for her on the ski slopes? And will the heat between Keela and the man who gets in the middle rout them for good?

I don't know about you, but the weather where I am is very cold, snowy and windy--not as extreme as what Rick and Keela experienced, but nevertheless conducive to cuddling in front of a fire with a Hot Chocolate Kiss- namely a yummy mug of cocoa, Kahlua, Tia Maria and whipped cream.

Eternal Press wanted some stories about winter sports to celebrate the upcoming Winter Olympics and I am so pleased they chose mine to get you all in the mood for some extreme sports, both on and off the slopes.

After you've read the story, please join me on my website forum where Rick and Keela will be guest blogging and answering readers' questions.

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So to get you in the mood, here's the video trailer for Hot Chocolate Kiss followed by an excerpt.



The blonde perched on a stool wore boots that looked like she’d strapped a husky dog to each leg. Keela doubted she had ever skied in her life. That sleek blonde ponytail wouldn't fit under a helmet, and she'd freeze her perky tits and tight ass off wearing that pink fleece jacket and black spandex pants.

She prattled out the usual disclaimers while processing the credit card transaction. "No refunds for conditions. The gondolas are closed due to high winds. Only the open chairs are going to the summit, and we might have to close them as well. The ski patrol has put up an extreme weather alert: no exposed skin, take frequent re-warming breaks."

Keela tried not to sound bitchy. This wasn't one of Ken's girlfriends. The kid was just doing her job. "Thanks for the tips."

After securing the $75..00 ticket on her parka and putting on every piece of protective equipment in her pack., she waddled out the door like a stuffed pig, sweating like one, too.

She knocked the ice off the bottom of her boots with her poles and clicked into the bindings. No matter who I’m with, it’s always me against the mountain—alone. Keela skated over to the lift where the same guy she’d met outside the can was working. "It’s the Tuckerman lady." He winked and guided the chair under her butt.

She couldn't see the rest of his face but imagined him licking his lips.

The lift swept her up, and he called out, "Seriously, be careful. I’ll buy you a Hot Chocolate Kiss when you come down from the summit, sister."

I don't think so, dude. No more being treated like a buddy who happened to have a receptacle instead of a plug. No more schlepping boots and ski equipment, plus a backpack full of camping gear to the summit of Mount Washington , dodging rockslides and avalanches, to ski Tuckerman Ravine. No more romantic nights crammed into a lean-to, surrounded by a unisex cadre of other idiots, with a sleeping bag, thermals, and Gore-Tex to light her fire.

Hot Chocolate Kiss

by Gianna Bruno

order your copy from Eternal Press


Andrew Richardson said...

Congratulations on your release.

I've never had a Hot Chocolate Kiss, but I might try one!

Gianna Bruno said...

And here's the recipe. There are many but this is my favorite;

8 ounces of hot cocoa, preferably Godiva

1 ounce of Kahlua

1 ounce of Tia Maria

whipped cream and a cherry

Sip slowly. Enjoy the drink, and the story!


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