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Gradual Love

Firstly, I’d like to thank Ginger for letting me be a guest on her blog. Thank you!

I want to talk about gradual love. You know what I mean, the kind of love that takes months or years to fully develop. And when it does, it’s a take your breath away type of love. When I write, I want my characters to gradually fall in love. I want the reader to see the signs of a budding romance, but the characters not to realize it until the end. I want to readers to root for Starlette and Sivad or Sarah and Jared as they discover true love. Sometimes, as is the case of Sarah and Jared from Fade to Black, the characters have to work very hard to make their love thrive.

In Promises to Keep
, to be released on March 7th by Eternal Press, I introduce you to Starlette and Sivad. They team up out of necessity. After all, Sivad escaped from the Dark Lady Dreashae’s clutches once before and Starlette wants to destroy her. Starlette’s so busy trying to save her father from Dreashae to notice the incredibly handsome Sivad Night. But as they make their way through the magical yet deadly realm of Verella, Starlette is drawn to Sivad by something other than necessity.

And as for Sivad…he has a darkness in his past that he is trying very hard to forget about.

Starlette is on a mission, and nothing will get in her way...
Starlette DeFore knows that her father is alive, even though her family buried him ten years ago. When a faerie confirms this she travels to Charleston, South Carolina to hunt down Sivad Night, the only person to have ever escaped from the hands of a powerful sorceress, the Dark Lady Dreashae. With help from a witch, Starlette travels into Verella, a fantasy realm filled with centaurs, dragons and magic. She is very close to finding her father, but first must defeat Dreashae.

Will Starlette, a mere mortal, have the strength needed to finish her quest and save her father?

“Where are we?” I asked, trying to sit up. Ever muscle in my body screamed with effort, and for a moment I wanted to curl up on the floor and sleep.

“You are where you wanted to be.” Dreashae’s soft voice held the hint of laughter, like she found this entire situation amusing. “You even brought me back my servant; how kind. It almost makes me want to agree to your request…almost.”

Sivad’s body grew rigid against me as I remembered that he had once been her servant. I was suddenly on my feet, not remembering how I got there. Wolves were all around us, sitting straight and proud as if at attention. A servant knelt next to Dreashae’s throne, his eyes never leaving the polished floor. I faced Dreashae and my eyes settled on the faintest line that went across her cheek. My father’s attack had scarred her. A smile crept to my lips and darkness filled my eyes. I looked into her black eyes as ten years of rage and anger surfaced.

“I want my father,” I growled.

“Who do you want more?” she asked. “You father? Or the man that loves you?”

Promises to Keep is a paranormal/fantasy that will be available March 7, 2010 from Eternal Press.

I hope you enjoy!

Heather Kuehl


Heather Kuehl said...

Thanks again for having me Ginger. I'd also forgot to say that one lucky commenter will win a ebook copy of FADE TO BLACK.


Trent Kinsey said...

Heather.. Congrats on the release and I like your outlook on love. Good luck

Ginger.. Love the new look!

Cate Masters said...

Great excerpt, Heather! Congrats on your upcoming release.

Author Mary C said...

Heather, excellent excerpt. I know the kind of gradual love you describe, and it'll leave the worst pain if it doesn't work out. Oddly, I wouldn't change my experience for the world. :)

Mary Corrales

Morgan Mandel said...

Gradual love is a great concept. Looks like a good book.

Morgan Mandel

Heather Kuehl said...

Congrats to Mary Corrales! You're the lucky winner of FADE TO BLACK. I'll be emailing you shortly about sending an ebook your way.


Author Mary C said...

Whoo hoo, thank you Heather! I look forward to reading Fade To Black.

I've sent you my email address.

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