Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome, Pepper St. Claire

February is traditionally thought of as the "lover's month." Jewelry, candy and flower sales skyrocket as husbands and wives try to display their love for one another.

While a diamond is nice, it's not always within one's budget. Flowers wither and die, and candy tastes sweet in the moment but the added calories can plant themselves on hips, thighs and butts and linger for years. :)

Why not give your significant other something to remember. Think outside the box, like my heroine in Searchers . (Warning, if you're squeamish about scenes leading up to sex, please stop here. Although, I did leave out the most graphic part of this erotic work.)

Short Excerpt:

While Rick showered, Katie lit some fragrant candles and popped a romantic CD in the stereo.

The anticipation was driving her wild. Just parading around in her sexy leather outfit made her feel horny as hell. God, will you ever get finished.

“Rick, are you almost done?”

“Be right there.”

He walked into the bedroom stark naked. Beads of water remaining on his body glistened in the subtle light, and his freshly-washed hair was deliciously tousled already. The crop of dark hair on his
abdomen lay in a perfect line of ringlets that led to a magnificent organ. Katie wanted to run her fingers down the path and find the treasure.

Her heart filled with pride. Stella was right, he was a good-looking man.

Katie eyed him hungrily. “Hey, I like your outfit, too.”

“I’m wearing it just for you, baby.” He sprawled out on the bed and noticed the cuffs. “Hey, what are these?”

“Let me show you.” She straddled him and took his arm, then placed his left hand in one of the fur-covered restraints—she snapped it shut. Afterward, she shackled his right hand. Turning around to cuff his ankle, she wiggled her behind sensually to make sure he noticed her crotchless undies. She rolled off the bed and stood looking down at him. “Comfortable?”

“Actually, I feel a little afraid. What have you got in mind for me? Maybe I should have asked that before I let you hog-tie me.”

Katie picked up the feather and softly ran it up and down his chest. “Oh, don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. Unless, of course, you want me to.”

If you would like to read more, Searchers is one of the Torrid offerings at Whiskey Creek Press.


Maryann Miller said...

Ginger, if you get a chance to stop by my blog today, there is something special there for you.

Margaret Tanner said...

Ooh Pepper, nice excerpt. Imagine having to go to work and type out stuffy Radiology reports after that.

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