Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome, Tabitha Shay

It’s Valentine’s Day! (Well, almost.)

Hi Readers,

Thank You, Miz Ginger, for inviting me to blog on your website. I’m paranormal romance author, Tabitha Shay. I also write contemporary western romances under the name of Jaydyn Chelcee.

Since we’re nearing Valentine’s Day, love is in the air….Right? Traditional symbols of Valentine's Day include hearts, doves, Cupid and love notes. The American postcard above, circa 1900, reveals all the symbols we‘ve come to think of as representing Valentine‘s Day, except perhaps for a box of chocolates and flowers, darn it.

Did you know the origin of Valentine’s Day descended from a pagan festival of love and the day was taken over by the Church that disapproved of the romantic and sexual connotations, renamed for "Saint Valentine" and made into a day for martyrs?

Lucky martyrs!

Boy, I wonder what the Church back then would do if it got its hands on some of the romances written by today’s authors? Whoo! Those of us who write erotica or very sensual romances would probably be stoned, hanged, certainly tied to the dunking stool and dipped in the pond to cool us off.

However, romance, sex, passion, lust, flowers, candy, cards, Cupid, oh boy! give them all to me, I’ll take my chances!

I’ve decided that today, I’ll post an excerpt from my next paranormal romance scheduled for release this very month, Witch’s Fire, book five in the Winslow witches of Salem series due to be released around Feb. 25th from Moongypsy Press.

Everyone who leaves a comment today, I’ll drop their name in the witch’s hat for a chance to win an E-copy of Witch’s Fire later on this month when it’s available. I’ll hold the drawing at 6 pm CST, and post the lucky winner’s name right here. But please remember, you won’t receive your copy until after its release date.

Be sure and check back later today or leave a way for you to be contacted so you can get your prize…



She spooned a healthy-sized portion of the mousse in her mouth and swallowed. “Oh, my stars, that is unbelievably light. I didn’t even feel it on my tongue. It vanished in a soft fizz, but felt like creamy butter on my tongue.”

Stry waved his hand again and half the candles went out. The room filled with gentle, flickering shadows. Soothing music flowed around them, seductive. “Dance with me?”

Kirrah nodded and rose to her feet. “I’d love to.” She went into his arms. Her head rested lightly against his chest.

Stry swallowed and pressed his hands to the small of her back. They danced in slow circles to the soft bluesy tune. Kirrah flung back her head, her gaze searching his. “What’s a bawk?”

“Never mind. I don’t care.” He lowered his head, rubbed his mouth against hers. Teasingly, he licked her lips. “You missed a dab of chocco.”

“And you found it.…”

“Yes.” He took her mouth, deepened the kiss, until Kirrah thought her lungs would explode from lack of oxygen. At last, he reluctantly released her lips. “I want you, Kirrah, so much I feel like I’m on fire all the time. I’ve never felt this way before.”

She smoothed her hands across his wide chest. “I want you, too.”

Stry squeezed her against his body. He slid his hands around her hips, cupped her buttocks and fit her against his erection. The unmistakable ridge was like a branding iron against her, hot, hard and proof of his urgent need for her.

“I don’t just want you, Kirrah, though the gods know the wanting is killing me. I want you to understand that I don’t just want to use for the relief mating with you will give me. You know how you took those pictures into your heart and made those people in them your family? How you love them?”

She nodded, wondering where he was going with this.

“I want to be loved like that. I want you to love me like that, take me into your heart and give me a home there. I want you to need me in your life the way you needed those pictures. Will you love me like that? I need you to love me as if I have no one who cares about me.”

Kirrah lifted her gaze to meet the surprising tenderness in Stry’s gold-colored eyes. “Love you like that?”

“Unconditionally―because you see something in me worthy of loving? I need a home, Kirrah. A family. Will you give me those things? Will you surrender your heart into my care, your body, your―soul? Trust that I love you back in the same manner?”

He looked at her as if he could eat her up, but there was something else in the somnolent smokiness of his steady gaze. Something genuine. There wasn’t a hint of laughter. He wasn’t poking fun at her or how she felt about her pictures and the people in them.
Kirrah licked her dry lips and nodded. “Yes, I already love you unconditionally. I love you.”

Scope out my book covers, reviews and some incredible artwork of some of my witchy characters on my website or, scope out my publishers Eternal Press and Moongypsy Press.

One last word, my books are available in print at Amazon. Just type in my name under "books." Happy Valentine’s Day….Tabs


booklover0226 said...

Great excerpt, Tabitha. I can't wait to read the rest of it! Just like all of your works, it will be fantastic!

Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies!

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

Tabitha Shay said...

Thanks, Tracey,
So glad you dropped by...Happy Valentine's Day to you, too....Tabs

Anonymous said...

Hey Tabs...wonderful excerpt as always and such a romantic one for Valentine's Day...glad you were here!

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tabitha, looks like great reading ahead. Can't wait to get my hands on the new one.
They may be dunking me in the pond to cool off after the read. Excerpt sounds exciting.

Tabitha Shay said...

Hey Brigit,
I tried to find a really romantic excerpt....hopefully I chose well...thanks fro coming by....Tabs

Tabitha Shay said...

Hey Lorrie,
Yep, thought I'd have to be dunked when I was writing the scene...hehe...Thanks for ur support...Hugs...Tabs

Tabitha Shay said...

Congrats goes to Lorrie, her name was drawn from the witch's hat...Lorrie, you'll receive your prize as soon as Witch's Fire is available....Thanks for coming by....Tabs

lorrie said...

Ooooh, I won. Thanks so much for the win. I can't wait to snuggle under a blankey and dig in.

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