Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh, The Torture!

I've been a sick puppy for the past few days.  No energy, so I apologize for not coming back and announcing the winner of my April Fool's story contest.  Martha Lawson...congratulations.  Your PDF copy of White Heart, Lakota Spirit is on  the way.  As sad as I am to admit that the true story was NOT number one or two, THREE is the real deal.  Yep, that's my Kelly...a disaster waiting to happen, but he's like a good book you can't put down.  You have to stick around and see how it ends.  *lol*

I don't often use my blog to promote my other "appearances," but I do hope you will take time to stop by Trent Kinsey's website and see what a fantastic interview he's posted of little ol' me. He asked some pretty interesting questions and gave me an opportunity to explore my own self, and I made a revelation about why I'm so non-productive in my own "cave."

I've spent the past two days watching TV movies, but according to the class I just took, that's a helpful thing to do because it helps me notice plot points, how conflict, both internal and external, are used in the story.  Soap Operas...not so much.  I find myself talking out loud to the TV over the unrealistic way the story unfolds.  We, as authors, get chastised if our stories are not believable, so how can TV directors and producers get away with it?  Just drawing on my own life experiences, I know prisoners are never allowed visitors in a private room, or, in the very least, searching or using a scanner to check the incoming body for weapons or contraband.  Heck, when I was a correctional officer, we had a sweet looking Granny bring in a big milkshake for her grandson...who at the time happened to be a trustee.  That's a position earned on trust, as the title indicates.  Anything brought into the jail was still searched, but on this occasion, the other C.O. took the drink and tried to insert the straw into the cup.  It met with resistance which of course led to him pouring the shake out and discovering a baggie of tobacco, wrapping papers and a lighter in the bottom of the cup.  You can't trust anyone in the environment.

But back to my original gripe.  Who wakes up in the morning with makeup that looks like it was just applied?  With breath fresh enough for delving kiss?  Or hair that isn't flattened on at least one side.  Really, fiction is fiction, but let's have a little reality in the presentation.  While the hero rolls over and gives the heroine a "deep throat" type of kiss, I'm saying, "YUCK," because I know what my mouth tastes like in the morning.  It can't just be me.

And predictable??? Today, the young soap star jumps into his girl friend's (although she claims she's only his tutor) car, tears out, wheels a spinnin' and an angry look plastered on his face.  She's in the passenger seat, begging him to slow down.  Instead, he whips out his cell phone and begins texting.  Imagine my shock when she yells, "Watch out!!!!" and bright lights flash in their faces.  Who saw that coming?  And was I surprised to see the two in a public service message about the dangers of texting while you drive in the next segment?  So predictable.  But the hook?  Now I have to watch Monday and see what happened to them.  So, even soap operas, although often asinine can teach authors what NOT to do in their books.

So, now that I've had a good couple of days learning lessons, maybe this week I can get something accomplished on one of my WIPS.  I really would like to have a new release in the not so distant future.

And, don't forget to visit Trent's site and tell him what a wonderful job he did. 

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MC Halliday said...

I see the plot holes and inaccuracies in film and programmes too, but I seem to be wired that way. And I usually know 'who dunnit' or what a character is going to say in response to something. (If I say it out loud, people are stunned and always ask, "How did you know that?") The plots that are surprising (in a good way) and realistic, seem rather rare, don't they?

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