Monday, April 19, 2010

YA author, Kim Smith

TADA!! I feel sort of like I am popping out of a giant cake, waving at you all and announcing a new book.

Thanks to Ginger for having me on her blog. It has been some time since I posted on Dishin It Out, and I have missed it.

So... I am now a YA author as well as a mystery and romance author. My newest endeavor, A Mirror in Time was released in March at Moongypsy Press (click here) and it was a total joy to write.

Something about being involved in a project that is going to be in the hands of young people makes you feel young and makes you look at the world differently.


When Carly Jean Simms, also called CJ, and the hunky Josh Jamison get lead roles in the school play at Broken Branch High School, they never dream where it will land them. But Mrs. Mac, the drama teacher, warned them about playing with her "special" mirror. Now it's sent them back to the time of their play and they have to use all their drama training to survive the travails of the Civil War!


"There's something about that mirror that just fascinates me. You know there was an old superstition about it."

CJ crossed her arms. "What superstition? That mirror freaks me out."

The teacher laughed. "You'll really freak when I tell you the superstition. According to the man who sold it to me at a little antique shop in Birmingham, it's a theatrical mirror. On opening night, certain persons who look into it are found worthy by the magic and given the gift of true acting. They perform their part like it has never been performed before. Standing ovations, awards, fame and fortune abound."

"I told you," Josh murmured to CJ. "But, magic? Come on, Mrs. Mac."

She nodded, insisting. "Scout's honor. The actors will be able to portray their parts as never has been played before." Then she sighed. "I'm still waiting for my gift. Maybe you have to kiss yourself in it or something."

CJ and Josh exchanged glances.

Mrs. Mac caught their gazes and raised an eyebrow. "Don't even think about it Jamison."

If you like good YA time travel, I hope you will make A Mirror in Time a place on your shelf.


Suko said...

This sounds like a really good YA book. Congrats, Kim! Terrific post.

Kim Smith said...

Thanks Suko! Great to see you here :)

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Looking forward to obtaining and reading A Mirror in Time. Summer is when I get my reading done--you know the life of a teacher and all.

Kim Smith said...

Thanks Terry! I know you are looking forward to summer!

Angela Kay Austin said...

Kim, I liked your excerpt. It sounds interesting. I was in drama in high school. I'll have to get a copy.


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