Monday, May 10, 2010

Do You Believe in Spirits?

The paranormal genre is all the rage right now.  Most of it fiction and fantasy, but there are those of us among you who believe the paranormal is indeed fact.  Normally, one wouldn't go around confessing to dwelling among the spirits, but there are those who, for whatever reason, have been gifted with the ability to deal with the "other realm" without fear and with the intention of helping earthbound spirits find their way to the other side.

Years ago, I worked as a clerk in a nursery/landscaping company, and my co-worker was an awesome woman.  She and her sister, a local school teacher, belonged to a group called Astro-Soul.  Listening to my friend talk about the training sessions and their goals for assisting lost spirits fascinated me--so much so that I agreed to attend a "healing." 

I'm not sure what I expected, but I did know that both Pat and her sister were upstanding members of the community and I trusted them.  I'd worked with Pat for over a year and knew her quite well...her speech, her mannerisms.  I think because of my exposure to scary TV shows, I believed I would walk into a dark room with a crystal ball and get immediate goosebumps.  The opposite was what I found.  The "healing" was held in a friend's house--in a light and cheery living room where a card table and four chairs sat in the middle.  In the center of the table was a simple crystal bowl filled with water.

Before I relay my experience further, let me tell you that Astro-Soul is still a viable organization.  My interaction happened over thirty years ago, and it wasn't until a gifted friend shared her website with me, that I remembered my "healing" as though it were yesterday. As proof that the good work still goes on,  I found this on their Internet site, listed as their goals:

Understand the relevance of Past Lifetimes to this Lifetime 
Unfold a deeper working relationship with your Spirit Guides 
Develop your metaphysical sensitivity 
Participate in in-depth healing sessions    

My understanding is the members undergo training sessions that allow them to relax into a trance state, thus inviting a spirit to use their body for communication purposes. I was skeptical.  First, I couldn't image inviting a spirit to share my body, and I wasn't even sure I believed in "ghosts."  But that wasn't my function at this meeting.  Through the process I was to determine just how many "people" actually came to the meeting in my car although I declared I came alone. *smile*

At the beginning of the session, our hostess explained that though we may not see or hear the spirits that cling to us for various reasons, they are drawn to us because we represent someone familiar and provide comfort.  We all consist of "energy" and this is what a spirit represents--an energetic field that can drain our own.  That made sense. I walk around feeling drained all the time, so by that theory alone, I must have a bunch of  "clinger-oners."

I watched a few healings take place, where a guest sat at the table with two trained Astro-Soul members.  The guest was asked to place their hands over the water while one of the members served as interpreter and the other, a receptor. (These are my terms...not the my attempt to explain what I perceived.)  I was engrossed in what I witnessed, but it was hard to make a connection without being a participant and relating the results to my own experiences.  So, I paid the nominal fee. (Yes, they do charge because the money goes back into the organization to continue the ability to enlighten others.)

What happened was amazing and made me a believer.  Of course, you're going to have to wait until tomorrow because this blog is running way too long to keep a reader's interest, and if I've learned anything about being an author, it's always leave a hook.

I invite you back tomorrow when I share what I found out about my past lives.


Phyllis Campbell said...

Sounds like a hair-raising experience. lol Actually, I do believe in spirits that are around us, but I think of them as guardian angels. The only time I have experienced anything personal, was right after my father died. We were at Mom's house and I was walking to one of the back bedrooms, and I felt my father - and smelled him. He always wore Old Spice. It only lasted for a moment, but I knew it was him. Mom and my brother and sister said they couldn't smell the Old Spice, so I knew Dad did this for me. Dad has also helped mom out a great deal - after his death. So yeah, I am a firm believer of life-after-death...or the spirits.


Lea said...

Like Phyllis I am a firm believer too...but only a complete believer three years ago after dad died. Before he passed on April 16, 2007, I had a dream in March that mom called me and told me dad passed away. I woke with a start, checked the time...6:30. I figured dad will pass on June 30 or that's the time of his death.

My sister called me that same day later and told me docs told her he had three months to live, which brought my dream to June now.

I booked a flight on April 15 and flew to Greece to see him again. My sister met me outside his room and told me they almost lost him that morning. Doctors asked her why this man was holding on so tightly to life. They said he should be in a coma, not conversing with everyone and aware of his surroundings. She told him that he was waiting to see his oldest daughter (me), the last one he had yet to see.

I walked in the room, hugged him, and he asked me how my flight was. I joked with him, telling him his moaning (he kept rocking back and forth at this point, moaning) made him sound like an old fart. He smiled. You need to understand dad and I never talked about 'sad' situations. We would always bypass them and talk about anything else under the sun and leave stress and depression out of our lives.

Two hours later, dad closed his eyes peacefully and the angels took him. The time...


I bent over him and whispered in his ear three times, "Dad, I love you." Until his funeral I cried because I regretted not telling him how much I loved him but knew he did. Nevertheless the guilt ate away at me. The night of his funeral I cried like I've never cried before. Went to the balcony, looked at the stars and asked him if he heard me.

After several more sobbing sessions I went to wash my face while mom had finally fell asleep and my sister was in our shared bedroom. Looking into the mirror green hazel eyes looked back at me. I wiped several times to make sure I wasn't seeing wrong. I ran into the bedroom, pulled my sister off the bed not to wake mom, and frantically asked her to tell me what color my eyes were. She confirmed they were green/hazel. At that moment my guilt disappeared and a calmness came over me.

You see my eyes are what I refer to them as shit brown, dad's eyes were hazel. In my mind he let me know that he did, indeed, hear my words of love to him as he passed.

Margaret West said...

Facinating Ginger.I am lucky to have a very open mind when it comes to the paranormal. But I do like to know the in's and out of everything. Thus I took a degree in Parapsychology. It was interesting, but it wasn't enough. I became a working medium 25 years ago. Sometimes I feel that I speak more the to the dead than the living some days lol I'll be tuning in to your next installment with interest, Ginger.

Marsha A. Moore said...

I do believe. But I didn't until I had a mystical experience while meditating upon an Indian burial mound at the edge of a famous battleground in Utah. The intense tingling sensation coursing slowly up and down my spine that ultimately relieved me of much of the pain of my fibromyalgia was enough to convince me of the very real existence of spirits.

Maggi Andersen said...

I've had several odd experiences. The first was when a close friend died. While visiting my mother, I suddenly became very cold and began to shake, and my mother had to tuck a blanket around me. My girlfriend lived around the corner and I wanted to visit with my new baby. I arrived at the door to be told she'd just passed away.

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

Hi Ginger, thanks for sharing. When I was 10, my dad passed away. Several times after that, I saw him on the street in town. Once I saw him walking toward our house. Years later, when I mentioned it to my mom, she told me she had also seen him. I felt that for a long time he was close and watching over me.

Annie Melton said...

Oh! What a cliff-hanger ending! :-)

I'm dying to tune in tomorrow for the rest. I've always been "sensitive" to various phenomena, although I've never gotten any training or anything formal. I have far too many stories to list--it seems almost every house I've ever lived in has been haunted, and even one office building (although that was a renovated 19th century New England textile mill, and if you remember your US History about the industrial revolution, the fact that it exuded misery shouldn't come as a surprise!) At any rate, I'm dying to hear the rest of the story. :-)

Unknown said...

When I was 14 I came home from school and told my Mom unless she drove me to and from school the next day I wasn't going. When she asked why I said I had a bad feeling about the bus. We've both always been very sensitive so I got to stay home the next day. Later on the news we found out the bus had crashed and lots of kids got hurt.

I have always believed in what we can't see. probably why I mostly write paranormal.:-)

Barbara M. Hodges said...

Oh I do Ginger. When my father passed my sister was nine months pregnant with her first child.

When Alisha was born I walked into my bedroom and saw my dad sitting in his favorite chair, wearing his favorite, blue-plaid western shirt, he looked at me, nodded, smiled and faded away.

My co-writer and I bought pendants of a woman and dolphins, they are both similar. Maggis said hers was Magdalena, a character in A Spiral of Echoes. I agreed thinking mine was also. A week ago I was informed differetnly, right into my ehad came the words, "I am not Magdalena. I am Moreta."
Moreta is Magdalena's spirit guide in the book.
And just this Saturday, we were doing a book signing, I was taking a photo of Maggie and mother. The two of them are blotted out by a multi-colored shape.

Oh yes. I believe!

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