Sunday, May 2, 2010

Got Ark?

The past two days in Tennessee have been wettest in the state's least as long as they've been keep track of record rainfalls.  Since yesterday morning, our area has received almost 14 inches of rain, and it's still coming down.  This picture is what the majority of the roads around town resemble, and my heart breaks for those who have lost their homes and everything inside them.  Many didn't have flood insurance because they never expected to be in a flood zone.

All day we've watched the news, because it's superseded all the regular programs.  We've seen neighborhood after neighborhood disappear beneath growing flood waters...even some major roadways hidden with water up past stop signs. Portions of the major thoroughfare I-40 have flooded and stranded hundreds of vehicles for miles.

I feel blessed.  Our little condo is on high ground and we've got excellent drainage.  With so much water dumping in such a short time, the saturated grounds and drains around town were just not able to handle the overflow, nor were the creeks and streams able to stay within their boundaries.  I've always wanted to live on lakefront property, but now I'm very happy I'm miles from the nearest least I was.

We spent the morning at my son's house, sweeping water from their garage while giant vacs sucked at the flooded crawlspace beneath.  Luckily, the damage there was minimal, but on the way home, we passed some who didn't have the same fate.  Please offer prayers for those who have lost so much.  I don't think we'll have to worry about a drought this year.

Pictures borrowed from News Channel Five - Nashville


MAGGI said...

Distressing. Hope it fines up very soon.

Anonymous said...

Amazing and heart breaking...So sorry...

Cate Masters said...

Incredible. So glad you're out of harm's way, at least.

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