Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ripley's Believe it or Not!

I don't believe it. There can't be that many people in the world desperate for attention for achieving the heights of stupidity.
I watched an episode this morning while I had my coffee and toast. I know I should have switched channels, but I was glued to the screen, disbelieving the lengths people will go to to achieve a world's record. And why? Sure, I want to sell the most copies of any one book in history, but there's a method to that madness. But why have the longest fingernails in the world? Who would want a twisting, turning mass attached to each finger that makes wiping your own butt a major deal. How do they anyhow?

I figure when you're dead and you choose burial as your choice, you'll spend long enough in a wooden box. Why would someone want to spend 140 days in a coffin-like container, buried seven feet down in order to break a world record? Of course, he had an air tube that let to the surface, large enough for food and waste to be passed, and he decked out his digs (no pun intended) with electricity, lights, and pictures of his family, even had a little TV... and let's not forget that he left just enough wiggle room so that he could do a few push ups each day. Towards the end of his stay, he got lonely, but he holds the world record now. Like I care. In my opinion, he holds the record for being an idiot.  The sad news is that his son is prepared to defend the family title.

Of course, there are things you can't help hold the record for... like being the tallest or shortest, but who wants to be known as the fattest? Myself, I try not to get close to that record.

How about owing the ugliest dog?

Or having the world's longest hair?

Yep, there are even records for the person who has the longest nose hair, ear hair, and even the ugliest person.  I'm going to spare you pictures of those.  :) Just think of all the energy these people put into gaining a world record.  Why would you want a long hair hanging from you nose to prove your worth? Excuse me, but I don't get it.   Do you?

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Ginger,

One has to wonder, I agree. Don't these people have a life? Guess not!

It's like those Who's Who scams, I think. People are just desperate for some recognition.

As for me, the only record I'd like to capture is world's hottest erotic romance author. But there's a lot of competition!


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