Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who's American Idol?

The Idol has been named. America has voted.  Are you people on crack?  *lol*  No... probably just a bunch of gum-chewing, bubble-blowing teenage girls who thought Lee was to die for and couldn't wait to text in their vote.

Crystal Bowersox blew Lee Dewyze out of the water every single week.  The girl can sing, and she's unique. Maybe it's that "uniqueness" that made her unsuitable to be a representative for American Idol.  There are images to be maintained, after all. 

Okay, in all fairness, Lee is okay, but he sounds like so many other artists already out there, there was nothing distinct about him.  He may be somebody's idol but I think he's better suited for selling paint.  Crystal is my choice and I think America got it wrong. 

Does the title really matter?  She got the exposure she needed to get a record deal.  And look at Taylor what's his name...that gray-haired goon who won a few seasons back.  He never went very far, did he?  Those who don't finish on top often seem to fare better than those who do...except of course Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler.  Jennifer Hudson hasn't done bad for herself, and she didn't win.  What happened to Ruben Studdard and the girl with the name like a cereal, I cant recall?  It's all rigged anyhow.

 And why do we need celebrity judges who confuse the hell out of the contestants? Make it your own!  You took on a song too big for you!  You were a little pitchy!  Dog!  Randy Jackson really needs to grow up.  No one I know wants to be called "Dog."  How can you learn anything from four people who generally don't agree and issue conflicting advice?  Why not just have a big dartboard where the celebs sit and have Ryan Seacrest throw a projectile at it and go from there.  Speaking of Ryan...has he gotten a little too cocky?

Of course, I have no right to complain because I didn't vote.  I cheered from my living room.  Does that count?  But last night, I turned off the TV, stormed into my office and typed something similar on Facebook.  Too bad I forgot about the time difference and blew the surprise for those on the West coast who read my post.  I apologize.  I took it down as soon as I realized I'd given away the ending.

Maybe it was payback for the previous night when hubby and I were watching Celebrity Apprentice.  Sitting on the edge of chairs, waiting for the Donald Trump to make his big announcement, the broadcast cut to a commercial.  Okay, so you expect advertisements, but not one that said, "be sure and join Jay Leno tonight when  the new Celebrity Apprentice, Bret Michaels, is his guest."

I think my days of watching Idol are over, although I do believe Ellen was a breath of fresh air...unlike the other females on the panel who turn "cougarish" the moment a good looking youngster steps up to sing.  Give me a good episode of Survivor any day.


Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

I'm with you on this one Ginger. Even if I thought Lee did well in some respects, I actually expected Crystal to win and she should have hands down. I believe what went against her was the way she presented herself on stage. There were times when she really shined, everything about her, her looks, hair, dress, and of course her voice all said I'm here to win. But for the most part she either couldn't afford to present a better picture, or those in charge didn't have the where-with-all to help her in that resepct and that's what I believe some people held against her. Of course, that's just my thoughts on it, but she should have won and I can't think of any other reason why she did not get the votes she needed that would have put her over the top.

Morgan Mandel said...

I can't complain because I voted for the local boy. People around here are very loyal and that's what the votes were all about.

I'm not feeling sorry for Crystal because I suspect she'll make lots more money than I'll ever make.

Morgan Mandel

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