Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Banned From the Laundry Room

It was a tough decision but one that needed to be made.  Effective immediately, my husband is no longer allowed in the laundry room.

So far he's washed his cell phone twice, left countless coins, combs and even his wallet in his pockets.  You'd think one time might teach him a lesson, but nooooo.

Last night while watching TV, I remarked that it looked as though headlights were shining through our front blinds.  He glanced over, shrugged and went back to watching the program.  At the commercial break, he got up to get something to drink and looked out the window.  "Hey, those were headlights.  Mine!"

Well, he'd been home for hours, so why were the headlights just now showing up?  "How can your lights be on," I asked. 

He opened the front door and peered outside, and the car's engine was running.  "Oh great," he mumbled, and headed for the laundry room.  "Hey guess what," he yelled.  "I washed my car keys."

That wouldn't be so bad, but he has an automatic start button on his keychain and the spin cycle activated it.  I'm not sure there's much else he could wash that he hasn't, but I'm just afraid he might find something he's missed. Thankfully, we have no pets.  What a guy!

I guess I shouldn't talk.  I washed and dried my son's pet hamster many years ago.  Fluffy lived up to his name, but I was haunted by visions of him trying to tread water, then being stuck to the tub sides by centrifugal force during the spin cycle.  I'm pretty sure he was goner by the time I dried him...  But, I learned from my mistake. 


Martha Lawson said...

Oh wow, that's just too funny!! I've washed some strange things in my day, too!!

Pauline B Jones said...

ROTFLMAOS!!!!!!!!!! That's too, too funny!!!

roseanne dowell said...

That is absolutely hysterical. I cracked up laughing out loud and my hubby thinks I'm nuts. Well, actually he knows it by now. Too funny.

SilverWolf said...

That is just hilarious. I'm not sure which is worse you washing the hampster or your husband washing, keys, money, wallet,etc. at least they won't die. I would so love to know how the hampster survived the washer, thank god you didn't put him in the dryer, please tell me you didn't put it in the dryer. By the way thinks for the visual of that poor hampsters actions in the washer and during the spin cycle. Now I close my eyes and see a little fur ball stuck on the side of a washing machine like the barrel ride at Worlds of Fun.

Ciara Gold said...

Way too funny, Ginger. I'm more inclined to ban my son. He's the one in our family that washes everything but the kitchen sink on our washer.

My mom "dried" my cat once and his name was Puff Puff. She heard the thump, thump when she started it though and opened it in time for him to dash out. Of course this is the same cat that stuck his tail in the pilot light for the water heater and set himself on fire. He had a singed tail for the longest time.

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