Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Bugs Me When...

Finish the sentence.  What bugs you?  I'll start.

It bugs me when people ask for a url that they missed in a previous email.  You have two choices...look back through your trash and find it, or Google it like everyone else does.  My time is just as valuable as yours and your actions scream L-A-Z-Y.

I know this is just being nitpicky, but I hate getting on the computer to over a hundred emails and finding posts filled with two word responses.  "Thank you."  "You're Welcome", but most of, "I commented."   That's the purpose of the comment...leave one and it shows up.  You don't have to announce it to the entire loop.  Yes, we're very proud that you're devoted and supportive, but...

It bugs me when someone schedules a blog date with me and then doesn't show up.  I'm not supposed to be your private secretary, although I do keep a calendar.  I would expect most people do.  I had one person who booked three separate times and never showed for any.  Do you think I'm inviting her back.  I don't think so.

And just in case you wonder why I'm up at 12:50 a.m. acting all cranky...I have a dentist's appointment in the morning and to me, it's like going before a firing squad.  Unless you share "dentaphobia" with me, then you can't begin to understand how my insides start twisting the day before and make me physically sick.  I can already smell that horrid stench that reeks in all dental offices, and the thought of having people with masks in my face, in my mouth, probing,... Oh, excuse me, I have to go take another Xanax.

At least, I found a dentist who does sedation.  So I'll only have to suffer until they put me out.  Then I'll come home and sleep the entire day and forget it ever happened.  The sad costs $150.00 more to be sedated, and I'm only going for a cleaning.  Yes, I'm a wimp.  So, what's the biggest thing that bugs me?  Dentists.  *lol*

Sweet dreams Xanax has kicked in.


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

I commented. lol. okay, yes, that one of the things that bug me too. another is those who don't trim back to the last response. In digest that means you have to scroll through some that are sometimes a foot long to reach the next, and when you're on several loops, digest is the time practical way to go.
hope it's all better today.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hiya, Ginger,

I hear you! I book two guests a week and when one of them doesn't send me their post, it really burns me. Especially when 1) they contacted ME asking about a slot and 2) I sent them a reminder a week before.

I just noticed that you've had nearly 40,000 visitors to your blog. Way to go, lady!


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