Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winning Mr. Wrong

I'm very pleased to brag about my "cyber sister's" upcoming release. The following is the video for Marie Higgins' Inspirational fiction coming next month from Walnut Springs Press.


Margaret Tanner said...

Ooh Ginger, if that picture is of Mr Wrong, he looks very right to me. I don't mind having him stay at my place.



Ciara Gold said...

Very Fun and I'm so excited for Marie. Well done, ladies.

Marie Higgins said...

THANKS GINGER!!! (blowing kisses) I just talked to my editor from Walnut Springs Press today...and my book went to the printers this morning. WOO-HOO!!! In a few weeks it'll be in bookstores.

Someone pinch me! This can't be real. I've waited sooooo long...


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