Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome, Annette Snyder

Creating a story takes a lot of time. Honing it into something readable takes even longer. Add that to all things involved with publishing, marketing, daily household chores (ya gotta eat) and real jobs, making up stories becomes time consuming. I could definitely spend those hours elsewhere, not sitting at the computer wondering what Nolan will do when he discovers Virgie isn't in love with Eric in Respectable Affair (coming soon). Sometimes I wonder why I neglect lawn mowing and laundry and instead have to spin a tale.

Then I get an email from someone who says they couldn’t stop reading Viveka’s War and didn’t get to bed until it was time to go to wake up. I’m not a person who likes to stand up in front of people performing but I do like to entertain and writing is a way I can accomplish that.

Writing is also a great way for me to curb my vivid imagination. When I don’t write for a few days, my dreams are so intense that I don’t sleep well. Even my family comments with, “You haven’t been writing, have you?” after I say, “I had this bizarre dream.” Maybe I write because I sleep better when I get it out on paper?

As a child, I was fascinated by my great-grandparents’ stories about life as they moved West. That bit of family history seemed so important and maybe I wrote my Travis Pass series to document it?

Whatever the reason, an idea for the story of Amen Packard in Intimate Flames that I invented because of a lighter I saw on the sidewalk or the story of his sister Marie in Drive Thru, I'm drawn to write and I'm not really sure why.

Is it profitable? I read once, during my extensive publisher search, that only the top few authors ever make any money as authors and that’s true in my case. I remain I'm hopeful that eventually someone will discover my talent and I'll do more than break-even.

Will my work ever be considered more than what it is now? Who knows but I'll keep writing until I run out of ideas--I don't like doing laundry anyway.




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Anita Davison said...

Sorry to be late, but I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and it struck a chord with me on many levels. [I have a pile of ironing staring at me as I type this-but I'm ignoring it] I too don't expect to get rich on my novels, but to me that's a nonsensical reason to stop writing.

annette said...

thanks for visiting!

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