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NOTE:  Some of the following content contains adult scenes and/or language that some might find offensive.  Proceed if you dare  :)
To condom or not to condom?
To condom or not to condom is a tricky question. Many readers say they hate the stopping of the action while the hero grabs the latex. Other readers say if there is no condom they are basically waiting for the baby to arrive.
Some authors make rolling the rubber down an erection part of the foreplay. Others use ribbed, colored, flavored or otherwise unusual condoms to add to the action.
Many publishing houses insist on condom usage unless there are specific reasons why one is irrelevant, such as vampire or werewolf heroes who cannot get the heroine pregnant nor carry human diseases.
I write for several houses that require condoms to be used and mostly this suits me. I certainly don’t want an unplanned pregnancy entering the action and it’s pretty much a given in an erotic romance, that with lots of sex happening, pregnancy is very likely.
Then there is the disease issue. None of my characters are virgins so realistically, with them all having had several partners, disease is an issue that ought to be considered. So yes, condoms work for my characters.
“Rowena’s Ghostly Menage” which releases from Silver Publishing on 19 June, is the only exception to this rule. Rowena and Nate have been in an exclusive relationship for quite a while. They are faithful to each other and I’m sure she is taking suitable precautions to avoid a baby. So they have unprotected sex. And Rowena, Nathanael and I are all happy about that.
But will I ever write another condom-free book? I don’t know. The circumstances would have to be right. The characters and story would have to dictate it.

Rowena’s Ghostly Menage
Jabez Winton has been dead since 1920 but he can't go into the light until he settles a few things with his descendants first. In order to be heard, he needs energy and when Rowena and her boyfriend, Nate, enter the old warehouse on an errand, Jabez sees his chance.
The couple are searching for Jabez Winton's inventory but Nate can't keep his hands off Rowena. After having sex on the table and against the shelves, the energy produced is enough to allow Jabez to speak to the pair. He's able to tell them where the inventory list can be found, yet that doesn't allow him to move into the light. When Nate comes up with the idea for a ghostly menage, Rowena is the one who will decide Jabez's fate.

Dance for Three
blurb: Talitha has separated from her unloving ex and attends line dancing classes to lose weight and acquire social skills. Jared and Nathan, loving partners, are there so Jared can learn to dance before his cousin’s wedding. When the men invite Talitha to join them for a sexy romp, what girl could resist these two hot, hard guys. The sex is scorching and the trio continue to dance in the sheets, not just at class.
But what will happen when the dancing lessons end? Will Talitha see them again?
Released June 22

Huldah’s Two Hikers
Blurb: Huldah aims to conquer the challenging three-day hike. Derek and Corey plan to conquer Huldah.
Derek is tall, dark and dominating. Golden-blond Corey is warm and caring and can turn a campfire meal into a feast. Huldah just wants to prove to herself she can navigate and hike the trail. But the two men are awfully yummy. And distracting. Besides, sex outdoors is very good, especially with two men at once.
Between them, the two men bring Huldah’s passions to the boil and the three enjoy the hottest, most innovative sex ever.
Then Derek’s bossiness starts to cause problems. What will happen when they reach the end of the trail? And will they even get there if Derek insists on doing the navigating?
Released 1 June

A taste of Rowena’s Ghostly Menage: WARNING ADULT EXCERPT
“Hey, honey, we’re here all alone. Now what can we do to entertain ourselves?” He kissed her heartily as he set her on her feet.
“Look through all these crates and find Jabez Winton’s inventory,” she replied sternly, although the laughter in her gray eyes hinted she’d be happy to do other things as well.
“Whatever you say, honey, but I wouldn’t mind fucking you up against these shelves. I’ve always wanted to do something like that.”
“Oh God, me too. Cream dripped from her cunt onto her panties at the very thought of sex here with the yummy Nate. He didn’t even have to touch her to set every nerve ending on fire with lust. Then logic and work reasserted itself. “Well, maybe later. First, let’s get these crates to the study tables at aisle two hundred and go through them. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find it in the very first box.”
Nate easily loaded the heavy crates onto the trolley and wheeled them to the long table against the wall at the end of aisle two hundred. But instead of lifting the first one up onto the table, he wrapped his big, strong hands around Rowena’s waist and placed her there.
“Before we start work, I need a little taste of my honey.” He pushed her legs apart with his hips and pulled her hard against his body.
“Mmm.” She lifted her face into his kiss, snuggling against his hard chest. It was like a wall against her soft breasts. Erotically she rubbed her breasts back and forward across his pecs as he licked the seam of her mouth and slid his tongue inside.
One hand moved around to her ass, pushing her tightly against him so she could feel his cock, huge and hard, against her belly. The other tilted her head to just the right angle so he could deepen the kiss. He thrust his tongue inside her mouth, tangling with hers, then running his behind her teeth and along the inside of her cheeks, before sucking her tongue into his mouth.
“Gotta have you. Can’t wait,” he murmured, pushing her shirt up and freeing her breasts from her bra. His mouth descended onto a breast, sucking the nipple deep inside the warm cavern, rolling it on the roof of his mouth, then scraping his teeth across it.
“Yes. More.” She gripped his arms and rested her head on one broad shoulder.
He lifted his head from her long enough to pull off her shirt and bra, dropping them on the table. Once again he drew the breast deep inside his mouth, sucking hard. The pull went straight from her nipple to her pussy, lighting a fire in her belly.
Of their own volition, her hands moved to his belt, unbuckling it and lowering the zipper of his jeans. Then she pulled his cock free and lightly ran her thumb over the head, finding a drop of pre-cum already filling the slit.
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Heather Haven said...

A very thoughtful and interesting blog. Anytime a person, real or invented, behaves in a responsible way, I am for it. I didn't realize that the condom issue was dictated by many houses but that is a good thing.

Mary McCall said...

Hi Barengaria:
I'm one of those who got tired of condoms, because all the heros used to say basically the smae thing. "I've got to protect you." For mr that got old. I kept waiting for a hero to sau "You up for a blood test." lol. It's all a matter of taste. Love the excerpt. You just made my TBR file! Thanks for the great post.

Berengaria Brown said...

Hi Heather, hi Mary
Thanks for visiting.
Yes, Heather, many publishing houses take the issue very seriously, with quite strict guidelines. As I said, I'm okay with that.
Hi Mary
Yeah, that would be an awesome line! I'm glad you liked the excerpt from "Rowena's Ghostly Menage". I do hope you enjoy the book.

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